Connected devices

By connected devices we mean devices allowing a 2-way communication, i.e. capable of receiving and sending some information to a network. Today this category is mainly made up with mobile phones.

 SIM Plug-in (2FF)

SIM Plug-in (3FF)

Gemalto proposes a classical SIM card, traditionally used in Mobile Telecom industry, which has been reinforced in terms of security in order to support a conditional access application. Our clients are Mobile Network Operators who wish to launch a Mobile TV offer, paying or not, for a defined subscriber target.

This secure token called SIM Plug-in (2FF and 3FF versions) is available in several memory sizes ranging  from 128K up to 350K and is the only one including both Telecom and MTV applications.


The 2 following form factors are considered as « 2nd slot » in handsets, as TV function will not be hosted in the SIM card. In this case, the functions of telecom and MTV service protection are split and therefore no SIM swap is needed at the time of service launch.

SMD - Surface Mounting Device
> Micro SD > Die Licensing & SMD Personalization for SiP integration