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Las Vegas 22-25 October 2017 at The Venetian​​​

Gemalto at Money 20/20

​​Money 2020US GemaltoThe world of financial services is changing fast and consumers look for ever more personalized, convenient, yet secure options to pay, communicate and interact with their banks. Gemalto offers a wide range of digital solutions to meet and exceed these demands.

Stop by our Level 1 meeting room #603 to hear more about the latest innovations from Gemalto that can​ help your brand capitalize on existing and new technologies while ensuring simple, secure and enjoyable customer journeys.

The Gemalt​o Offer​​​

Gemalto ID verification, a seamless way to verify ID documents 

​Attract new customers

Gemalto ID verification, a seamless way to verify ID documents​​​

Discover our easy and secure solution for enrolling new customers online – anytime, anywhere – with ID Verification from Gemalto. Identity document verification forms an integral part of sensitive processes like enrollment and registration, as well as in situations where certified identity is crucial - such as at border control or during new bank customer registration. Furthermore, reliable verification is vital to fight against identity fraud and related criminal activities.

These procedures known as KYC (Know Your Customer) are used by both public and private sector institutions, and especially financial institutions or document verification agencies, to fight identity or financial fraud. As well as to comply with international regulations against money laundering and terrorist financing.

ID Verification can further be deployed together with our biometric identification solution to determine whether the document bearer is the rightful owner. It can be delivered as a standalone cloud service that integrates easily into a third-party system; combined with software development kit (SDK) to perform all digital enrollment from smartphone or a tablet.
Our cloud based solution and software tools address multiple industries such as MNOs, banks & other financial institutions, transport operators, postal services, car rentals, hotels, gaming and many more. 

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Keep up with PSD2

  • ​Gemalto Assurance Hub, an agile risk management solution
  • Gemalto mobile, bring trust to digital banking

Banks want to deliver richer services to their customers: online banking, mobile banking, P2P payments, mobile ATM withdrawal, and eCommerce transactions, among others. However, with richer services come greater risks. 

How can they reconcile richer services with a safe experience while at the same time being compliant with PSD2 and regulations worldwide?
The answer is by leveraging their customers' smartphones. Gemalto Mobile and Gemalto Assurance Hub demos show how agile risk management and biometrics such as fingerprint and face recognition allow for a smooth user experience. Come and see us to find out more!​

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mobile payments 

Bring mobile payments to retailers

Gemalto Mobile payments, Secure digital payment for private label issuers

  • Samsung Pay for Retail, a Private Label use case 
  • Issuer wallets for Banks: An Open-Loop use case combined with co-badging
Mobile phones are becoming real ‘all in one’ devices and all important aspects in life are becoming accessible via smartphones. So why should a consumer carry around a wallet with many different loyalty and payment cards? 
The Gemalto Trusted Services Hub digitizes your cards in the wallet that fits best in your digital strategy; OEMpay wallets, or use your own application. Use the mobile channel to let your consumers pay, credit their loyalty points and benefit from coupons and reductions in just one tap. Much easier!​


Payment cards 

Offer innovative payment cards

Biometric EMV card, bring fingerprint authentication onto banking cards.

There is no need to remember a PIN code when using the new EMV card with a fingerprint sensor.  With the same ISO dimensions as standard EMV cards, the new card is compatible with all configurations such as contact, contactless and display for Dynamic Card Verification.

Biometrics as a Cardholder Verification Method brings a new, secure and enjoyable customer experience.  For both contact or contactless transactions, including large payment amounts, your fingerprint replaces your PIN code.

VIP Cards
Unleash your brand creativity and communicate your values via the card bodies and the artwork of the cards you issue to your customers.  The first impression set by a newly received card will strengthen your customer's intimacy and differentiate your payment services.​ 

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We would love to meet with you at Money 2020. Our experts will be there to answer your questions about the next generation of trusted payments and banking services​.

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