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NFC Mobile Contactless Solutions

Gemalto offers market-leading NFC solutions for contactless mobile payments and services, enabling mobile network operators, banks, transport networks, retailers and other service providers to deliver compelling NFC experiences.

NFC is a powerful component of Gemalto’s end-to-end portfolio of trusted, innovative and large-scale mobile solutions, the Mobile Trust Net that secures the mobile value chain in three key ways – on the network, in the device, and through a comprehensive set of expert services

MNO Guide to enabling the NFC ecosystem

MNO Guide to enabling the NFC ecosystem 

A new guide to help MNOs accelerate NFC deployment: find all the best practices learned from large scale implementations, worldwide

MNO Guide to enabling the NFC ecosystem - [PDF - 383kb]

NFC Workshops, training and consulting guide
Trusted Service Hub
  • Isis


    Gemalto provides NFC SIM and TSM for Isis, the NFC mobile commerce joint venture between AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless.

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  • Octopus


    Gemalto Enables Commercial Mobile NFC Transport and Payment Roll-out in Hong Kong.

    "That means now you don't need to carry two things when you go out. You only need to carry one NFC mobile phone, and that has the mobile function as well as the Octopus payment and value-added function."

    Sunny Cheung–CEO, Octopus Cards Ltd.

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  • Rogers


    Rogers is deploying Gemalto NFC SIM for mobile payment and other NFC services in Canada.

    "It's essential that consumers have peace of mind when it comes to storing payment cards on their mobile device and using it to make credit and debit transactions on the go. Working with Gemalto allows us to protect the consumer?s information by leveraging the SIM card, assuring a secure and seamless experience for mobile payments."

    David Robinson, Vice-President, Emerging Business, Rogers Communications

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  • IDA Singapore


    Gemalto provides Singapore's NFC consortium with NFC SIM and TSM for the participating mobile operators.

    "(Our Gemalto-enabled) NFC infrastructure allows businesses to deploy innovative payment and other secured services, providing convenience to both consumers and merchants. It will enable prospective service providers to reach out to all mobile subscribers in Singapore."

    Ronnie Tay, CEO, IDA Singapore

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  • PosteMobile


    PosteMobile is deploying Gemalto NFC SIM for mobile payment and other NFC services in Italy.

    "At PosteMobile we believe that the market in Italy is now ready for the NFC. Every month we transfer over €23 million through the security that is resident in our SIM, we have done all this in collaboration with our Gemalto colleagues."

    Daniela Manuello, Head of Marketing and Service Creation

    Vlad Mihalca, VAS Marketing Director


  • Orange


    Gemalto is supporting Orange France in the first large-scale rollout of NFC SIM

    "Gemalto is the first supplier we're working with for the deployment of NFC SIM cards at a national level. Gemalto's NFC solution is fully in line with our strategy to simplify and secure the use of mobile contactless services."

    Thierry Millet, Vice President of Mobile Payments & NFC, Orange France

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  • KDDI


    Gemalto provides KDDI with NFC SIM and TSM for Japan's first commercial launch of mobile NFC services.

    "With more than 50 NFC projects globally, Gemalto has unrivalled experience in managing the complexity of building a mobile contactless ecosystem."

    Kenichi Bandou, Senior Manager, KDDI

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  • Banamex


    Gemalto is the technology provider for the Transfer mobile payment service in Mexico.

    "As a bank, we have worked with Gemalto in the past, and our discussions demonstrated their knowledge in the field of mobile payments and the suitability of their solution. I believe it has been a great success. We could not have picked a better partner for this project."

    Pedro Solana, Product Development Director, Banamex

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NFC Opportunities and Use Cases

Move now to deliver a range of potential NFC user experiences, including mobile payments, mobile retail, transport ticketing and secure access. Gemalto Mobile Trust Net solutions with NFC help mobile network operators, device manufacturers and service providers build innovative, fully secure and scalable value-added services – so you can focus on increasing revenue from existing services, creating new offerings, and delivering a great customer experience

Download the infographic "The many uses of NFC"

Best-in-class NFC solutions

With Gemalto, your organization can choose the NFC solution that's right for your unique needs – from individual modular products to a full end-to-end integrated solution. Forming a key aspect of Gemalto’s Mobile Trust Net, our NFC products and services ensure interoperability and easy service onboarding, while securing the mobile value chain.

Your trusted NFC partner

Gemalto is the trusted market leader for NFC solutions – which represent a powerful aspect of our Mobile Trust Net. We provide the experience, technology and capability to deliver a secure, future-proof service platform that enables you to mass deploy NFC today and secure your NFC future.

For over 20 years we’ve worked with the world’s leading mobile players to introduce solutions based on secure elements and supporting software. In delivering countless trusted infrastructures across the world we’ve built up unparalleled domain knowledge in securing mobile communications.