Partner type:VAR

Country:Oman; Russian Federation; Uzbekistan; Austria; Ukraine; Kazakhstan

Market segment:Retail, Financial Services

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Since 1993 BGSSMARTCARD SYSTEMS implements state of the art smart card based payment solutions in cooperation with banks, enterprises and government authorities worldwide. The core element of BGS' turn-key solution is the DUET (Direct Universal Electronic Transaction) technology. Since its conception, the DUET multipurpose system platform has been geared to offer financial institutions, operating in rural and urban cash dominated mass markets, the means to provide a flexible and profitable financial card based solution. In order to achieve the necessary outreach and functionality in areas lacking telecom and branch infrastructure, smart cards utilizing the offline card-to-card transaction conception are the basis of the solution - Retail payments, micro lending/savings, government payments, social benefits, petrol schemes, loyalty transfers, or salary payments. - Solution for financial or non-financial institutions.

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