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Card Admin 2.8 is available:

> Windows 7 compliant

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Card Admin overview

Card Admin provides all the necessary fundamentals to FULLY (Proprietary files, Proprietary commands etc...) administrate any 2G, 3G and CDMA card (Gemalto & Competition)
The Card Admin supports all the latest evolutions in Gemalto and Java Card based smart card technology:


File System Administration

Card Admin provides a graphical interface for you to :
- Browse a card's file system using GemXplorer's tree-like display
- View a card's file system from large icons, small icons or list view.
- Display the contents of the data files in an easy-to-read interpreted view for most of the 3GPP 51.011 & 31.102 standard Elementary Files

ONE tool for several 2G, 3G or CDMA cards coming from different manufacturers :
The "Card typing" functionality, enables the above mentioned functionalities for any 2G, 3G and CDMA card with the same level of user-friendliness than the one we are already offering today for Gemalto cards. This way the user can administrate proprietary files and proprietary commands on non-Gemalto cards.


Card Content Report and Card Content Comparison

Card Admin is able to extract in an html report the readable content of any 2G, 3G and CDMA card. It is able to AUTOMATICALLY state in an HTML comparison report the differences of 2 extraction reports. This way it is very fast to see the differences between two cards.

SIM Toolkit & Java Card Applet Administration

With Card Admin you can :
- Issue command to applications from easy-to-use command windows.
- Display the various type of business application installed on the card, including system-internal applications and custom OP and SIM Toolkit applications.

Using the Application Manager available with the Card Admin, you may easily download your Applets in a real card.



With Card Admin you can easily simulate an authentication procedure between a SIM / USIM card and a 2G / 3G network using Dummy and Milenage algorithms. Card Admin also supports :
- Extensible Authentication Protocol methods in 3G mode
- Authentication in GBA, VGCS/VBS and IMS AKA contexts.
- IP Multimedia Services Identity Module (ISIM) application according to 3GPP TS 31.103 standard.
- CDMA Network Authentication.

Check standard compliance

The Check Standard Compliance feature enables a card's content to be compared with that of the 3GPP/GSM standards.

Phonebook Interpreter

Card Admin provides you with a high level of interpretation of the whole 3G phonebook. All the file linking relationship defined in EFPBR are combined to show all related information on any given entry. Via the Phonebook interpreter you can view, modify and delete phonebook entries.

Card Admin Licensing

Once the temporary license has expired ( after 20 days), you need to register the software by following the activation procedure.
Card Admin is sold with a 2 Years License.



Due to US technology contained, Strong Authentication products are subject to US export  controls and thus LinqUs OTA Simulator, Card Admin, Developer Suite, Simulation Suite cannot be exported to the following countries : Cuba - Iran - Syria - North Korea - Sudan

Due to specific cryptographic functionalities contained in our products and that Gemalto complies with every international, regional, and local regulation relative to trade controls in any country, it is your responsibility to make sure you comply with the regulations of your country if you import/export our products.







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Last update on 09/12/2016