Device Administration Service (DAS)   Obsolete






IDAdmin 100 (DAS) is End-of-Life

As of June 30, 2015, Gemalto discontinued the IDAdmin 100 (DAS) service and support. The end-of-sale and end-of-life plans were communicated to customers last year with recommended alternatives. Customers looking for similar features and functionality are invited to consider migrating to our vSEC:CMS offer. For additional information, please contact your Gemalto Channel Sales Representative.

DAS (Device Administration Service) is an hosted web service for the issuance and administration of Protiva .NET devices.

For Enterprises requiring strong security and valuing ease of use and maintenance free solution, DAS provides turnkey issuance & management of Protiva .NET devices through software as a service model allowing SME to focus on their core business.


Features and Benefits

In a nutshell, DAS allows

      Diversify Admin Key

      Load and configure PIN policy

      Manage PIN (set, change, unblock)

      Import digital certificates

      and more...

DAS and Gemalto .NET technology offer several advantages for enterprises including

      Turnkey solution for strong authentication and Microsoft-based PKI services

      Optimized TCO for companies since the solution requires no server hardware investment or training budget

      Rapid implementation of integrated system for secure network access, digital signature and file encryption

      Ease of use and minimal learning curve for IT administrators and end-users due to simple and intuitive browser-based Admin and User portals

      IT organizations have full control over security because end-user administrative keys are diversified through the DAS Controller, under sole control by the IT administrator

      Maintenance free - DAS is operated and maintained by Gemalto using the industry standard software as a service model

  • June 30, 2015: IDAdmin 100 (DAS) is discontinued, end-of-life

  • September 30, 2014: End-of-Life and End-of-Sales announced for IDAdmin 100 (DAS)


  • July 2011 : All DAS portal (customers, test and demo) are migrated to v3.0.1

  • June 2011 : v3.0.1 released to support Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, Windows 7

  • March 2011 : DAS v2.1.3 is deployed to correct a certificate import failure use Protiva .NET v2+ cards.

  • August 2010 : New Ordering guide for DAS 2.1 is now available

  • August 2010 : DAS v2.1 has now been deployed !

    This version introduces  new major features :

    - New End User Admin Key Diversification algorithm providing a higher level of security

    - Support of new Pin Policy from latest .NET Minidriver 7.1

    - Automatic detection of card capabilities during device personalization

    - Windows 7 Support

    • November 2009 : DAS v2.0 is now available!

       This version introduces 1 new major feature :

      -          Comprehensive on-card PIN Policy configuration

    • February 2008
      • DAS v1.0 is now commercially available
      • Previous site and URLs are still valid for testing (internal, partners), demo, pilots and pre-sales purposes.
      • DAS is now on product catalog (internal, partner and external).

    Technical Specifications

    DAS allows to perform the issuance and Administration of Protiva .NET based devices


    • End User Protiva .NET devices management

                - Change PIN

      - Remote PIN Unblock

      - View device info (diagnose)

      - View Certificate on device

      - Delete Certificates, Load P12 file

    • Administrator Protiva .NET devices management

       - Remote PIN Unblock

       - Reset  Protiva .NET devices

       - Activation and personalization of End User devices:

    –End User Admin Key diversification

    –Default PIN Value

    –Pin Policy modification



    The following operating systems and web browsers are supported:

          Windows XP Home Edition, XP Professional SP 3, Vista SP2, and 7

          Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.0 SP1 or higher

          Mozilla Firefox v3.0 or higher


    The following smart cards are supported:

          Protiva .NET v2+

          Protiva .NET Card Based Tokens: Smart Enterprise Guardian