IDProve 100 Pack of 20   In Production

Gemalto offers  IDProve 100 ( legacy name : Easy OTP Token v3) unconnected One Time Password Token (OTP) devices that provides a simple solution for secure remote access with strong authentication.



Features and Benefits
Time based OTP Token OATH Certified



  • Easy to carry: can go on a key ring
  • Easy to use: press the button and get your OTP
  • End-user's PC independence
  • Innovative robust design
  • Customizable for large volume (colors, logo), min 1K
  • 5 years expected battery life-time
New naming of "Easy OTP token v3" ( October 2013)
  • We have modified the product name of our token from Easy OTP Token v3 to IDProve 100
  • Easy OTP Token v3 is under version "A" of the product
  • IDProve 100 is NOW under version "B" of the product
  • there is NO Functional differences between version "A" and version "B" ( only the name of the model)

Strong Improvement in IDProve 100 quality

  • We have faced some quality problems in one Batch manufactured in the beginning of 2012.
  • Specific quality audit and improvement on inspection process was done our subcontactor facility.
  • The problem is TOTALLY solved starting with batches manufactured in March 2012

Channel friendly offer:

  • Box of 20 IDProve 100 ( legacy name : Easy OTP Token v3) Time based  tokens
  • PSKC xml server provisioning file for each box
  • Compatible with IDConfirm 1000 v5 and later
  • Compatible with solutions supporting TOTP algorithm and PSKC format

Technical Specifications
Model name (M/N)
IDProve 100 ( Legacy name ; Easy OTP Token v3 )
Portable device
  • Unconnected: no external connection

  • Time-based OTP (OATH T-OTP)

  • 6 digits OTP length

  • Single button

  • No PIN needed

  • LCD display of up to eight digits

  • High contrast single line display

  • Key chain attachment

  • Serial number printed on the back

  •  PSKC xml Batch Provisionning

Customization Options
  • Logos & plastic color

  • Event-Based OTP ( OATH H-OTP)

  • 8 digits OTP length

  • Volume over 1ku

Environmental performances
  • Operating temperature range is from 0°C to 50°C

  • Storage temperature range is from - 25°C to 60°C

  • Humidity 40°C 93%RH without condensation

Physical characteristics
  • LWH: 59mm x 28mm x 8mm

Certifications and compliances

  • OATH compliant

  • CEM & Europ security (CE),

  • CEM USA (FCC part 15, UL 1950)

  • CTick (Australia)

  • ROHS compliant

  • WEEE (environment friendly)

  • IP65 protection classification

  • Warranty = 2 years or 10K sequential OTP generation

  • Duration  = 5 years expected battery life-time and more than 20Ksequential OTP generations*
    (*) Operated on automated benchmark desks in Gemalto Quality labs.


   Compatibility with gemalto IDConfirm 1000 v5 and later                                    

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