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Contactless Card Bodies

General Features

With the Contactless card bodies offer, Customers can easily have their Corporate Security applications all based on a single user device. The resulting hybrid smartcard (combination of contact PKI application embedded on a contactless card body) results in the combination of PKI-based Logical Access Control (LAC) - to networks, workstation logon, mail or data encryption & signature - and Physical Access Control (PAC) - to buildings, offices, and restricted areas.

It also enables easy and reliable visual identification of the card holder and strong communication around Corporate identity, and features wide multi-application capabilities, such as payment for catering, vending machines or car parking, loyalty programs, and so on ...

All user's credentials are therefore safely & conveniently managed in one unique device, featuring both contact and contactless interfaces. To maximize user-friendliness in a field where speed & convenience are critical, PAC is managed through the contactless interface.


Physical Access Control Focus

For PAC, Gemalto can offer an unrivalled range of contactless options, compliant with any Gemalto's Enterprise & CyberSecurity smart card (IDPrime, IDClassic, and IDCore ranges).

Gemalto's packaged, ready-to-go & cost-effective Standard Offer for PAC contactless options to hybrid cards include MIFARE Classic and MIFARE DESFire EV1 card bodies and some HID card bodies.

Other types of contactless PAC options can also be considered for hybrid cards, through our flexible Custom Offers. Contact the CPB team for more information.


Contactless Card Bodies Benefits

The Contactless Card bodies allows proposing Hybrid cards which are a straightforward solution to combine Logical Access Control management and Physical Access Control management in a single smart card.

Costs of badge deployment and fleet management are significantly reduced thanks to LAC / PAC convergence. Additionally, the Converged Badge brings high flexibility & upgradeability to the Corporate Security system, as the LAC and PAC solutions remain fully independant from each other: just choose the solutions that best fit your needs for each, keeping in mind that you will be able to change one without changing the other.

Thanks to our ability to offer potentially any existing PAC contactless solution in our cards, we can address a very wide range of Customer needs and match most of the  Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), whether already installed in existing premises, or to be deployed.

With the most advanced of our PAC options, featuring multiple contactless technologies in the same product, the Customer can  easily manage complex applications, smoothly migrate from legacy PAC solutions to up-to-date, highly secure systems, or bring cost-effective and convenient inter-operability to multi-site environments.


Contactless Card Bodies Options - Technical Specifications

MIFARE Card Body

Important Notice : "MIFARE Classic" card bodies have been replaced in 2015 by the 100% compatible "MIFARE Classic EV1"... all the relevant information are available in the Download section

  Availability Main Characteristics Detailed Specifications
MIFARE Classsic 1K Obsolete 1 Kbyte Mifare 1K datasheet
MIFARE Classic 4K Obsolete 4 Kbytes Mifare 4K datasheet
MIFARE Classic EV1 1K Production 4 Kbytes Mifare 1K EV1 datasheet
MIFARE Classic EV1 4K Production 4 Kbytes Mifare 4K EV1 datasheet


DESFire Card Body

  Availability Main Characteristics Detailed Specifications
DESFire EV1 4KB Production 4 Kbytes DESFire EV1 vs DESFire datasheet



HID Card Body


  Availability HID reference Main Characteristics Detailed Specifications
HID Smart ISO Prox II Production 1597 Prox w/o mag stripe, embeddable HID Proximity datasheet
HID Smart DUO Prox II Production 1598 Prox with mag stripe, embeddable HID Proximity datasheet
HID iClass 2Kbit Production 2110 iClass 2Kbit embeddable HID iClass datasheet
HID iClass 16Kbit Production 2111 (2 app.) 2112 (16 app.) iClass 16Kbit embeddable HID iClass datasheet
HID iClass 32Kbit Production 2113 (2 app.) 2114 (16 app.) iClass 32Kbit embeddable HID iClass datasheet
HID Prox+iClass 2Kbit Production 2130 Combination of Prox and iClass 2Kbit, embeddable HID Prox + iClass datasheet
HID Prox + iClass 16Kbit Production 2131 (2 app.) 2132 (16 app.) Combination of Prox and iClass 16Kbit, embeddable HID Prox + iClass datasheet
HID Prox + iClass 32Kbit Production 2133 (2 app.) 2134 (16 app.) Combination of Prox and iClass 32Kbit, embeddable HID Prox + iClass datasheet