IDProve 700 Display Card   In Production

IDProve 700 Display Card is a credit card format One Time Password (OTP) token device that provides a simple solution for secure remote access with strong authentication.

IDProve 700 Display Card is the perfect combination of security and convenience:

  • Innovative robust design
  • Ergonomically adapted to one hand usage
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Fully integrated in Protiva SA Server for convenient central administration
  • High security level of a hardware based OTP technology.
Features and Benefits
IDProve 700 Display Cards is made of:
  • An ISO compliant credit card (ID-1) size
  • A flexible display
  • A switch-on button.
  • An embedded non rechargeable battery.

When the button is pressed, the card displays an OTP value, which is then typed by the user on his PC keyboard. On the remote application side, the OTP number is checked using the Gemalto Protiva SA Server. No other external connection, client software or specific PIN are required.

The OTP number is calculated according to the OATH inter-industry standard and using some secret data securely stored in the device. This data is provisionned by Gemalto in Seff Provisionning Mode ( Using a IDBridge 300 contactless reader) or batch mode (e.g. for each manufacturing lot). For more details about the OTP provisioning, please refer to the Protiva SA Solution page.


IDProve 700 Display Card

IDPrime .NET 7510 Display Card

Two Factors of Authentication (2FA) technology:

  • Unconnected OTP token


Two different 2FA technologies:

  • Unconnected OTP token

  • PKI: Digital certificates embedded in a Gemalto .NET card module

The PKI technology is used with the enterprise PCs, while the OTP technology is used with other types of PCs


July 2011: Protiva Display Card Launch


Technical Specifications
Main functions
  • 6 digits display
  • Battery life: 15,000 OTPs generated over 3 years
  • Serial number printed on card
  • Option : Graphical personalization with 4x4 color artwork for Minimum Of  Quantity Order  of 1 Kunits
  • Option : Batch provisioning: PSKC OATH provisioning

Compliance to standards

  • OTP: Unconnected and event based OATH compliant
  • Security: CE and UL compliant
  • Environment: RoHS compliant
  • Physical characteristics: ISO 7810 and ISO 7816 -1 & -2 compliant

   Compatibility with Gemalto SA Server 5.x for Batch provisionning and SA Server 5.3 for Self-provisionning                                 


Protiva Display Card video


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