IDConfirm 1000   In Production

The IDConfirm 1000 solution includes all components needed to deploy strong authentication in your organization.

Using IDConfirm 1000, enterprises can deploy strong authentication for a low total cost of ownership.
This is realized through packaged plug-and-play solutions that are adaptable to existing networks and AAA servers and built according to open OATH standards.
IDConfim offers the highest level of security for two-factor authenticationYou can choose from a wide range of connected or unconnected form factors including smart cards, tokens, and a mobile OTP phone application.Our software solutions are open, scalable and evolutive.


IDConfirm 1000 AD FS MFA Adapter

IDConfirm Administrator interface for Report Portal and Multi LDAPs in video

Windows 7 Protiva OTP logon with Direct Access video

Protiva OTP Lost Device video

Protiva OTP with Microsoft DirectAccess video

Features and Benefits
One-Time Password (OTP) credentials protection strong authentication solution for Mobile workers who want to access to their enterprise resources: VPNs, mail, web pages, etc.

Multiple Authentication devices (hardware, software) which allow adapted security solution choice

Easy  user adoption (easy to use)

Simple Management and Scalable for customer performance needs (from 1 user to 100K+)

Easy installation for standard configuration (less than 20 min) and integration in existing IT configuration

OTP high-end devices offer additional authentication methods (PKI, biometric)

Channel-friendly: packaging, provisioning, purchase and license generation

IDConfirm 1000 OTP Windows logon option: Strong Authentication OTP Solution for Microsoft� DirectAccess

IDConfirm 1000 6.3 available (October 2014):
  • IDProve 500 Desktop OTP: Combination of security and convenience of One Time Password using an employee`s PC or laptop
  • multi LDAP management improvement (Support UPN)
  • IDProve 300 improvements

AD FS MFA video and demo Available

Technical Specifications

Authentication methods:
IDConfirm 1000 uses the following methods for main authentication:
, TOTP (Event based, Time based)
   - SMS OTP
   - EMV CAP (OTP, challenge-response, transaction data signature).

IDConfirm 1000 is a Web application relying on the following Web servers:
   - Apache Tomcat on Windows and Linux,
   - Web Sphere on AIX/Windows
   - Any other Web server could be supported through a specific validation.
The chosen architecture allow "High Availability" and "Fail-Over" configuration relying on operating systems, databases and monitoring mechanisms.

IDConfirm 1000 stores OTP related data and User data if needed (DB mode) in:
   - Firebird
   - MySQL
   - MS SQL
   - Oracle
   - Any other SQL database could be supported through a specific development

User Repository:
IDConfirm 1000can be connected to the following LDAP when Users account are managed externally (Mixed mode):
   - Microsoft Active Directory,
   - Novell eDirectory,
   - Open LDAP,
   - Any other LDAP could be supported through a specific development.

Authentication Services interface:
Authentication services are integrated using the following interfaces:
   - XML over HTTP Web API,
   - RADIUS requests through IDConfirm 1000 RADIUS agents for
        * Microsoft  NPS
        * FreeRADIUS
   - AD FS 2012 R2 MFA Adapter (listed here by Microsoft)

Security Modules:
The following security modules can be connected to the server:
    - Thales PShield 9000, NetHSM 500
   - Java Key Store software module
   - Any other HSM could be supported through a specific development.

VPN appliance   via Radius agent Validation through external partner
VPN appliance ASA 5510 V7.2 via RADIUS agent in Cisco VPN scenario PSec and SSL are covered
Interface Web Interface via RADIUS agent  
VPN Access Gateway ( Standard, Advance, Enterprise Ed.) via RADIUS agent  
VPN appliance Checkpoint NGX R65 via RADIUS agent IPSec and SSL are covered
Software clustering SafeKit In SafeKit scenario Fail-over cluster configuration sample
SSO E-SSO via RADIUS agent  
VPN appliance   via RADIUS agent Validation through external partner
VPN appliance SA 700

SSG V5.4
via RADIUS agent in Juniper SSL VPN scenario
via RADIUS agent in Juniper IPSec VPN scenario
Operating System Server 2012
Server 2008 R2
IDConfirm 1000  
Database MS SQL IDConfirm 1000  
LDAP Active Directory IDConfirm 1000  
RADIUS Server NPS - Server 2008, 2012 NPS RADIUS Agent  
AD FS 2012 R2 AD FS 2012 R2 MFA Adapter listed here by Microsoft
LDAP eDirectory    
Open Source      
Database Firebird
IDConfirm 1000  
LDAP Open LDAP IDConfirm 1000  
RADIUS Server Free Radius 32/64 Dedicated Free Radius agent  
Database Oracle    
Red Hat      
Operating System Red Hat Linux IDConfirm 1000  
VPN VPN appliance via RADIUS agent Validation through external partner
Radio IP      
VPN MultIP VPN via Radius agent