IDCore   In Production


Gemalto's IDCore family of Java Cards offers a comprehensive array of features and options for logical and physical access control applications.

Support for key Java Card (JC) and Global Platform (GP) specifications, a broad range of memory capacities, and extensive set of proven applets make IDCore Java Cards an optimal platform for business and public sector smart card deployments.

They are ideally suited for all applications that require secure identity credentials, including one time password authentication, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services, digital transactions, e-purse and physical access control.
The IDCore family also includes a MicroSD card called IDCore 8030.

Features and Benefits


  • Full compliance with JC 2.2 and GP 2.1 specifications maximizes interoperability and application compatibility.
  • EEPROM capacities from 36 KB to 128 KB and advanced memory management support a broad range of application requirements.
  • Multiple applets can be pre-loaded to streamline development and accelerate the deployment process.
  • PKI services based on RSA, and ECC.
  • Contact, contact-less, dual interface options provide unsurpassed versatility.
  • Available in credit card or USB key form factors for maximum use case support.
  • Highest level of security is assured – certified for CC EAL4+, CC EAL5+, CCEAL6+, FIPS-140
  • Feb 13: the new IDCore 30 (FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified Javacard) is now released
  • Nov 12: the new IDCore 40 (certified CC EAL5+ / PP Javacard) and IDCore 10 smartcards are now available.
  • June 12: TOP smartcards are now renamed IDCore.
  • June 11: the new TOP DM CC is now available. TOP DM CC is a dual interface 80K EEPROM open javacard, supporting RSA and elliptic curves, certified CC EAL5+ / PP Javacard.
  • Nov 10: TOP DL v2 FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certificate is now on-line.
  • April 10: TOP DL v2 is now released.

  • Technical Specifications


    Product name Legacy name Memory size Interfaces PKI Standards Optional applets Operating System Certificate (1) Data Sheet
    IDCore 10 N/A 80K Contact RSA & Elliptic curves JC2.2.2 / GP2.1.1 MPCOS  OTP   IDCore 10
    IDCore 30 N/A 122K Contact RSA & Elliptic curves JC2.2.2 / GP2.1.1 MPCOS  OTP  FIPS140-2 Level 3

    ICP Brazil

    IDCore 30
    IDCore 40 N/A 80K Contact RSA & Elliptic curves JC2.2.2 / GP2.1.1 MPCOS  CC EAL5+ / PP Javacard   & FIPS140-2 Level 3

    (about Product Names)

    IDCore 40
    IDCore 3010 TOP DM 80K Dual Interface Contact/Contactless RSA & Elliptic curves JC2.2.2 / GP2.1.1 MPCOS  OTP CC EAL5+ / PP Javacard

    (about Product Name)

    IDCore 3010
    IDCore 3020 TOP DL v2 128K Dual Interface Contact/Contactless RSA & Elliptic curves JC2.2 / GP2.1.1 MPCOS OTP  FIPS140-2 Level 3

    ICP Brazil

    IDCore 3020

    (1) Note that all the IDCore smartcards are based on a chip which has a Commun Criteria certificate.


    IDCore Java Cards are compatible with any applet conform to the JavaCard and Global Platform standards.

    For details about JavaCard and Global Platform standard versions, please refer to the Technical Specifications section.