Cities are getting smarter. Connected devices, rich interfaces,
ubiquitous services and digital identities are enabling real benefits. It is trust that sits at the heart of these innovative technologies and services, enabling
more convenience and security, to bring a better way of life.
Trust builds smarter cities.

Trust builds
smarter cities

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Real benefits for better quality of life

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The benefits of seamless and trusted digital services are real. What is at stake is the users' willingness to adopt these new services, so that providers of everyday services like payment, mass transit and cross-border travel can reap the added value and efficiency gains from their investments. It is trust that sits at the heart of user adoption, without it new services cannot scale up and usage won't last.

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from cities around the world

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When M2M technology is used to protect the Amazon rainforest

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M2M helps safeguard people with autism and Alzheimer's disease

A foundation for a stronger democracy

MedSecure at Seattle Children's Hospital

For easy and safe way to transfer money

The keystone of e-Government

Machine-to-Machine contributes to reduce train derailments in South Africa

Ghana's e-Immigration solution

M2M, Public Safety eCall Confidence Connected

Mobile retail Solutions

When eID becomes Mobile for a whole nation

Garanti Bank gets Eskişehir moving

When universities get smarter

Driving smart car connectivity

Creating the habit

Let's build that trust

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Bringing trust into the digital world is what we do every day at Gemalto,
enabling our customers to offer trusted services to billions of people.

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"Gemalto's expertise in NFC brings unrivaled understanding in managing NFC complexity and underlying security."

– Mr Hironobu Tamba, Vice President, Product & Service Division, SoftBank Mobile, Japan

"They demonstrated their proven ability to deliver high-end eID secure documents within an ambitious schedule."

– Professor Anthony Mbewu, CEO of Government Printing Work, South Africa

"Their NFC solution is fully in line with our strategy to simplify and secure the use of mobile contactless services."

– Thierry Millet Vice President of Mobile Payments & NFC at Orange, France

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