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Gemalto Device Management offers a complete range of solutions to answer all mobile operator requirements when it comes to manage their fleet of handsets, from feature phones to smartphones and tablets. It addresses both branded and non branded devices and their compliance with OMA-DM or OMA CP standards.

Our solutions include:

Handset settings: Ensuring all devices are properly configured

  • Optimize customer care costs
  • Enable usage of your services.

Bring your own device (BYOD): Creating a unique experience to your subscribers

  • Deploy your market place and specific applications and services
  • Download your logo and improve your brand image
  • Stimulate service usage while cutting costs

Handset logistics: Optimizing the costs

  • Consolidate affiliates handset orders and improve handset buying costs
  • Load balance handset inventories across affiliates and reduce inventory costs.

WI-FI offload: Balancing your network load

  • Relieve congestion in their 2,5/3G network
  • Complement deployment of new cellular networks (LTE 4G)
  • Optimize their network operation costs

All these use cases and benefits are enabled thanks to Gemalto expertise, experience and technology including unified components such as:

DM Detect for Network and UICC Automatic device detection
DM Center for OMA-CP settings
DM Expert for OMA-DM use cases
OMA DM downloadable client for non OMA-DM compliant phones
DM Insight for the knowledge of the mobile operator handset fleet

Gemalto device Management are now live in 90 mobile operators across the world..


LinqUs™ Device Management Center


Helping you grow data income and maximize customer satisfaction

LinqUs™ Device Management Center [PDF - 325kb]

LINQUS™ Device Management EXPERT

Device management Expert

Easy app installation on android

LINQUS™ Device Management EXPERT [PDF - 555kb]

Video: Push App Services Demonstration

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