Advanced UICCAdvanced UICC

Gemalto has designed a new range of SIM cards to offer maximum monetization of high-performing networks like 3G or LTE.
This dedicated, global offer includes a secure element (UICC) and an OTA server, ensuring safe access to mobile LTE and IMS networks.

The Solution

Gemalto's Advanced Connectivity solution allows you to implement all the benefits of high speed, IP-based networks right down to the card and guarantees a much higher success rate of massive updates. It ensures MNO card fleets are always up-to-date.

Gemalto’s Advanced UICC secures data and services revenues and improves profit by enabling innovative solutions such as advanced roaming control, deployment of various devices and MNO-centric data services.

Mobile operators can now take advantage of subscribers's natural renewal rythm by anticipating the massive rollout of 4G and NFC services, and reduce their total cost of implementation with an early migration strategy to Gemalto UICC Avanced ahead of time.

Key features

In addition to existing 2G and 3G capabilities, Gemalto’s Advanced UICC brings a new set of innovative functionalities.

All existing legacy applications and card features are still available with this offer to guarantee full backward compatibility with existing business.

The Gemalto Advanced UICC offer is totally compatible with SIMalliance LTE UICC profile recommendations.

An Advanced operating system
The Gemalto Advanced card implements the majority of the most recent standard releases proposing advantages and new opportunities for MNOs:

  • An Advanced roaming control solution that works over any radio access technology such as Wi-Fi, Femtocells, 2G/3G/CDMA/LTE, etc.
  • Intelligent control of each end-user’s connectivity
  • Future-proof service deployment

An application that benefits from IMS MNO services
The IP multimedia subsystem subscriber identity module (ISIM) is a network application access that coexists with SIM and USIM, providing access to IMS:

  • Secured access and data transfer of IMS services
  • MNO connection parameter storage to boost service uptake
  • Protection and storage of end-user IMS identities (both private and public)
  • Third party service deployment controlled by the MNO

A must to manage cards on the field
To maximize the benefit of high-performing networks such as HSPA and LTE, over-the-air exchanges for remote card management are performed using the HTTP protocol.

OTA success rates and the efficiency of Mass Management updates are maximized by combining protocol reliability with pull mode from the UICC.

OTA over HTTP is a fully standardized technology ensuring:

  • Always up-to-date card fleets (end-user and MNO settings, applications, etc.)
  • End-to-end secure data exchanges
  • Service provider SLA satisfaction
  • New deployment schemes: real time activation, heavy content download, frequent updates, etc.


For end-users:

  • A seamless user experience to access MNO services
  • No complex device configuration
  • Out-of-the-box technology
  • A fully-integrated and portable solution
  • High-level protection of end-user identities and data exchanges

For Operators:

  • Assured core revenue
  • Smooth and controlled transition to IP-based services (VoIP, rich multimedia communication, etc.)
  • Immediate uptake of new value-added services
  • Possibility of MNO-centric and controlled data services
  • Service continuity whatever the network access technology
  • Maximized profit and network usage
  • End-to-end secure access to LTE and IMS services
  • Full backward compatibility with existing ecosystems
  • Fewer customer care costs

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