Messaging Gateway Suite

Monetize the growing A2P business and boost your VAS with our unique smart solutions

In an increasingly connected world, enterprises are looking to stay in contact with their customers via their mobile phones, either to promote recent offers or to provide additional Value-Added Services (VAS). The Application-To-Person (A2P) business is a hot opportunity for MNOs seeking to monetize their messaging infrastructure.

Gemalto’s A2P offer complements our unified P2P messaging solution, enabling MNOs to provide communication channels between enterprises and their customers. Thanks to our Campaign Manager, VAS Gateway and Service Creation Environments, MNOs can allow enterprises to control communication with end users, while guaranteeing security for subscribers.

Our unique Device Knowledge database gives visibility to operators before they launch new Value-Added Services. They can now enable enterprises to easily quantify potential uptake, plan deployment modes and identify the best targets, thereby optimizing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. As a result, MNOs can maximize customer satisfaction and profitability.

Finally, thanks to Gemalto’s Smart Message, subscribers can enjoy a truly interactive and personalized experience while the enterprises maximize their adoption rate.
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Our Offer

Value-Added Services (VAS) Gateway

The VAS Gateway allows VAS Providers, connected to the MNO’s network, to deliver such services through SMS, MMS, USSD, and Smart Message channels. A flexible pricing policy and the capability to only charge for really-delivered services improve customer satisfaction and protect the MNO's brand.

Device-Aware Campaign Manager

This user-friendly tool facilitates campaign management and generates effective marketing campaigns. Built based on Gemalto’s Device Management solution, Campaign Manager enables the creation of personalized campaigns according to the capabilities of the recipient’s handset.

Service Creation Environment

Service Creation Environment offers different interfaces and APIs to facilitate the deployment of Value-Added Services for both MNOs and enterprises.

SMS Security ToolPack

SMS Security ToolPack protects the MNO’s assets and keeps the SMS channel as clean as possible in order to ensure maximum visibility of message send. The firewall protects subscribers against unsolicited SMS by using anti-spoofing and anti-spam technology. MSISDN Aliasing replaces mobile subscribers’ MSISDNs with aliases when they send messages to third parties, such as TV channels, thereby protecting the MNO’s subscriber base.


LinqUs Messaging Gateway Suite

Monetize the growing A2P business and boost your VAS with our unique smart solutions

LinqUs Messaging Gateway Suite [PDF - 576kb]