Mobile Money

Providing secure banking services for the unbanked

Used for Mobile Operators  Operators and for Banks Banks
Mobile Wallet and Stored Value Accounts | International Remittance | Person-to-Person Transfer | Bill Payment | Airtime Top-Up

Who is Mobile Money for?

Our Mobile Money solution is designed for Mobile Network Operators (MNO), banks and financial institutions in developing and semi-developed markets.

Benefits for end-users

  • Secure and affordable financial services for the unbanked
  • Help build healthy and stable economic lifestyles in developing markets
  • Trusted income and payment management

Benefits for Mobile Network Operators

  • Create a new revenue stream from financial transaction fees
  • Increase brand reputation
  • Reduce customer churn and increase loyalty
  • Reduce airtime distribution costs
  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase voice and SMS market share

Benefits for banks and financial institutions

  • Market and cross-sell financial services to the previously unbanked
  • Generate transaction fees from new customers and new services
  • Increase float
  • Gain FX revenues from international remittance transactions
  • Stimulate the existing customer base with mobile banking services

What’s in Our Offer?

A Stored Value Account

  • Electronic funds are stored in a Stored Value Account (SVA) – an in-system virtual account associated with the mobile number
  •  End-users access their SVA from the mobile phone to:
    • Deposit and withdraw cash
    • Transfer and receive money
    • Pay bills
    • Pay merchants
    • Pay for services (e.g. clean drinking water) and education
    • Receive salaries and welfare
    • Receive and pay back micro-loans, insurance (micro-financing)
    • Manage expenses
  • Access to the server-based-wallet is possible over any mobile and non-mobile channel (Internet, POS, ATM and IVR)

Rich agent network management

  • Harness the existing distribution network or rapidly build up a new network to offer Mobile Financial services
  • Agents can extend services such as cash in, cash out, top-up, remittance and micro-financing – all directly from the mobile handset
  • Appoint distributors, sub-distributors and agents and assign transaction commissions and incentives for new customer acquisition
  • Rich reporting capabilities, analysis of transaction volumes, status and cash flow

Superior security and user experience

  • Security built into all layers of the solution, including its infrastructure and procedures for coding, installation, deployment, operation, and maintenance
  • Secure thick clients, SIM Toolkit applications, and light security applets for communication over USSD for end-to-end data encryption
  • Simple and straight-forward user experience throughout the transaction

Why Gemalto?

End-to-end security – a superior user experience and powerful transaction management are possible, with no security trade-off. The Gemalto mobile payment platform is designed to address all aspects of payment security, including end-user privacy, non-repudiation and administrative privileges.

Solutions for Small to Large-Scale Deployments – Gemalto’s mobile money solution is designed to meet the needs of any deployment scale, whether targeting 5 or 150 million subscribers. Our packaged offers allow the rapid launch of essential mobile money services including money transfer, airtime top-up and bill payment, which can be expanded over time to include more services, channels, and ecosystem partners. And for large-scale deployments, our best-in-class Mobile Payment Platform enables complete granularity in the definition of financial services and the derived system flows, and allows easy and cost effective service evolution. Its unique design allows the service provider to select which services to deploy and when. In fact, it can be thought of as a toolbox of customizable business logic and payment flows.

Gemalto, a long-term trusted partner –Gemalto has a unique advantage with over 25 years of combined expertise in financial and mobile security – the very areas that overlap to provide mobile financial services. As a leader in digital security and trusted partner of hundreds of financial institutions and MNOs worldwide, Gemalto delivers best-in-class software solutions, innovative vision and unique security technology.

Dozens of deployments worldwide – Gemalto's solutions are helping service providers anticipate and respond to customers' needs in terms of financial management, payments, and banking products, directly through the mobile phone.

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