Mobile Security

There are billions of mobile devices out there and people are using them to do more things than ever. So it’s no surprise operators, e-merchants, governments, enterprises and other service providers are looking to put mobile at the heart of their strategy.

But the take off of services that include the use of sensitive data will only occur if providers and users feel the confidence that their identity and transactions are being safeguarded in the mobile environment.

The temptation to balance consumer reach and ease of deployment with security and interoperability can be understood for many mobile services with relatively low security risk. However, other services —such as mobile payment, or digital signature —have much higher security requirements. For these, end-to-end security, certification by third parties and cross-industry interoperability will help the industry take a big step towards mass-market adoption.

We help our customers build a solution for their security requirement and with the convenience that their customers demand.

By combining secure software platforms with embedded secure elements we can create the right security level, scale and flexibility to support any device.

Our mobile security team supports a range of authentication, access and signing solutions in multiple industries. Current examples include:

  • Government – supporting healthcare and tax claims
  • Enterprise – protecting network access, email encryption and cloud services
  • Banking – securing mobile banking services and transactions

Let’s talk about how you can add mobile into your security mix.