Lassoo® with Smart Message offers brands a whole range of capabilities to develop new types of campaigns with longer text conversations, decisions trees and higher CTR. With the Lassoo® end-to-end solution, we offer a global platform for campaign planning, set-up and result-tracking.

This makes Lassoo® the first choice for any advertisers wishing to leverage their opt-in databases in order to engage in a deeper relationship with consumers.


Advertisers can take advantage of this unique mobile media to create quick and close contact with customers.

Today they can offer highly targeted services to customers with pop-up messages displayed directly on the idle screen of their mobiles.

These can inform customers about up-coming store events, direct them to online services or websites. They may also simply keep customers informed about news, appointments and account status.

With the Smart Message Alert, messages can be pushed instantly to customers according to criteria and raise awareness of products and services to activate purchase on- or off-line.

Lassoo® provides a complete platform to help plan campaigns, trigger messages across databases and adjust campaigns according to the results.


Advertisers are also able to create stronger connection with customers through customized promotions and loyalty rewards. These include coupons that can be redeemed in store both online and offline.

With Smart Message Offer, brands have the capability to push coupons, promotions and ticketing. Activation is also possible pre- and post-shopping, thanks to the reactivity of the Lassoo® platform.

With the Lassoo® platform, we provide templates to develop campaigns based on our best practice experience, as well as detailed results to monitor database responsiveness.


The best way to get to know customers better is by developing one-to-one relationships.

Lassoo® permits advertisers to engage simple dialogues with their customers to gain a better understanding of their interests and needs.

In this way, they are able to qualify their database better and offer more customized pushes to generate business revenue.

With Smart Message Dialog, Lassoo® creates a deeper engagement with customers through surveys on products and services, and questionnaires to learn more about customer behavior and to qualify customer profiles.