Mobile Advertising

Monetize your asset with Smart Message campaigns

Your audience is valuable to brands!

Gemalto has developed a one-stop-shop mobile marketing solution to help you maximize the value of your audience through opt-in and qualification permission-based marketing campaigns. This solution will help you monetize your database with efficient direct marketing programs for advertisers.

Benefits for you

  • Smart Message* is a messaging channel piloted by a SIM application that enables new types of campaigns with multiple screens and decision trees. The Smart Message channel delivers a superior user experience.
  • The Mobile Marketing Center with a complete and user-friendly interface that makes it simple for marketers to design, test, deploy and measure Smart Message campaigns.

Did you know?
*Smart Message is an innovative mobile communication channel that works on all mobile devices and simplifies the end-user experience through 1-click access to the next screen, leading to high response rates of 20% on average.


Service offer

Deliver relevant offers and drive positive results for an optimized ROI!

Gemalto offers you all the benefits of a full-service mobile marketing solution implementing its powerful and unique Smart Message channel. Gemalto’s experts will apply best engagement practices enabling you to build the most engaging mobile marketing scenarios that respect end-user privacy and maximize results.

We can supply a one-stop-shop solution that makes mobile advertising campaigns successful from marketers to consumers.

Develop your mobile marketing lifecycle strategy
Gemalto’s team of experts will manage your complete mobile marketing lifecycle to:

  • Enrich your subscriber database by collecting and managing opt-in information
  • Monetize your subscribers opt-in database to advertisers looking to implement mobile marketing campaigns
  • Secure response rate thanks to our interactive and engaging Smart Message channel
  • Keep improving profiling and targeting with collected behavioral metrics

And if you are interested in Gemalto’s ad sales activity through agency partnerships, we have created an active pipeline of premium brands willing to advertise on your messaging inventory.

Go to Lassoo A new revenue source at your fingertips
For those seeking additional revenue streams, Gemalto has developed a brand-new turn-key solution called LASSOO®, which allows you to monetize your network through our full service for advertisers and enables premium brands to easily implement their mobile CRM strategies.