Dynamic content makes the difference

In order to maintain interest in their SIM portals, operators must offer subscribers a range of relevant and up-to-date services and content. With this in mind, Gemalto has enriched its offer to handle online SIM menus in an elegant, modern and flexible way.

Gemalto’s new Dynamic Menu Server solution offers the possibility to update the dynamic part of the SIM menu, on top of the already proven Gemalto solution for updating the static part. While static services are updated only once in a while on the SIM card using over-the-air (OTA) technology, dynamic services can be updated frequently, posted online via a dedicated server and made accessible to end-users during SIM browsing sessions.

Gemalto’s Dynamic Menu Server solution offers a range of services including menu design, publishing, group work, statistics management, filtering and easy integration with third-party services portfolios. Menu structure and content can be managed dynamically with just a few clicks, through a dedicated and user-friendly web interface. Services can also be reorganized dynamically according to user's preferences or can be based on specific events such as the Olympic Games or Ramadan. Statistical reports are also available for each service and service tree published, which enables operators to gather information regarding subscriber access to SIM menu services.

This solution delivers SIM card browser pages with up-to-date content that can be edited on demand and at any time. Integration with subscribers’ SIM cards is transparent and requires no extra configuration. The solution works seamlessly on all handsets.

The Dynamic Menu Server, designed as part of Gemalto’s SIM Browsing solution within its Mobile Content offer, is a very simple way to stimulate curiosity, generate additional traffic and grow revenue.

Benefits for Subscribers

Subscribers will enjoy all the benefits of constantly updated services. New services are made available instantaneously and can also be automatically tailored and filter to match subscribers’ preferences and capabilities. Subscribers can then easily access their favorite services in just one click.

Benefits for Operators

Operators will enjoy rapid service design and delivery. They can also opt to have Gemalto’s expert teams operate content management and animation on their behalf, in conjunction with selected content providers. Thanks to the usage statistics available as part of the solution, operators will also have full visibility of their SIM portal traffic and revenue growth.

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