Mobile Content

Maximize your service portal revenue

Mobile Content

Stand out from the crowd and offer a well-managed value-added-services (VAS) portfolio to your subscribers.

Gemalto’s Mobile Content solution provides a simple way to bring rich and optimized VAS content to mobile users. Your subscribers will enjoy easy mobile access to attractive and fresh content. You will increase revenue by boosting SIM portal usage and services adoption through well-targeted campaigns. With Gemalto’s Mobile Content solution, you’ll be able to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

Benefits for you

  • Easy access to the menu portal and a real-time interactive content experience, compatible with all mobile phones
  • Dynamic services that are instantaneously refreshed and which can be reorganized according to user preferences
  • An unrivalled team of experts with a wealth of experience in marketing services that boost menu portal traffic.


Service offer

Take the most of your services portal!

Gemalto’s Mobile Content solution provides a simple way to bring rich and optimized VAS content to mobile users, with proven efficiency and amazing results.

Access rich content
Gemalto’s Mobile Content solution offers a unique entry point to all SIM services portfolios and a user-friendly way to access remote content. This solution will facilitate subscriber access to the SIM menu and help them navigate within the service portal thanks to a real-time interactive one-click interface. Such ease of use and variety of content will help increase service usage and subscriber base ARPU.

Offer fresh and attractive content
To arouse the interest of end-users, it is key to offer attractive and contemporary content through an intuitive, optimized and dynamic menu. Gemalto’s Mobile Content solution gives you the possibility to instantaneously refresh dynamic content and to reorganize services according to user preferences. A simple way to stimulate curiosity, generate more traffic and lead to additional revenues.
Management of dynamic content

Boost menu portal traffic
Gemalto’s tailored Traffic Boosting service offer helps you better understand customer behavior and promote appropriate content to a targeted population through Gemalto’s unique, interactive and powerful Smart Message channel. Trust in Gemalto services and you’re guaranteed outstanding results.
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They trust us

Gemalto’s best-in-class marketing services help mobile operators optimize service portal structure, content relevancy and access. Our customers trust Gemalto’s expertise in boosting service portal adoption and revenue.

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