On-Demand Connectivity

By 2016 analysts have estimated the commercial potential of the newly connected devices market at $100 billion.

The opportunity is two-fold: managing machine-to-machine communication services and meeting demand for services on new connected devices.

To realise the potential, operators and handset manufacturers can embed a generic UICC to make it easy to:

  1. Connect user devices after initial purchase and run services
  2. Reduce manufacturing complexity by turning multiple products with multiple profiles for multiple locations into one product to be personalised upon use.

We use a simple three-step methodology to equip, connect and manage devices and machines with an embedded UICC:

  • Enable
    Embed the UICC into the device and operate LinqUs On-Demand Subscription Manager software to prepare for future connectivity and remote management.
  • Connect
    Switch on the device at initial start up or at any point in lifecycle with option to activate, remove or swap profiles.
  • Value
    Manage access to services and applications to support data plans for unique business and consumer requirements.

Let’s talk about how On-Demand Connectivity can help you grow your business by connecting devices and machines with the flexibility your customers demand.


LinqUs On-Demand Connectivity