Yahoo Messenger for SIM

Yahoo Messenger enables any mobile subscribers accessing the Yahoo community through their mobile phone.

It consists of a client/server SIM application for mobile operators enabling anyone to enjoy the service on all handsets, even if without a data connection or data subscription.

This solution is a SIM-based Instant Message application developed by Gemalto and certified by Yahoo It is pre-installed on the SIM and pre-configured for the user which means no application download is needed.

End-users benefit from all key features Yahoo Messenger PC provides. They can also:

  • Simply subscribe on the mobile phone
  • Automatically login with secured username and password storage
  • Always stay connected with their community at any time thanks to interactive notifications popping-up on the screen when a new message is received.

With Facebook for SIM, Gemalto also offers a SIM-based service to access Facebook


Vinaphone and Gemalto Bring Yahoo Messenger to all mobile users in Vietnam

“Worldwide churn rate is higher among pre-paid subscribers and as Vietnam’s 90% of the subscriber base consists of pre-paid accounts, Gemalto’s solution to make Yahoo Messenger available on any handset will help us strengthen customer loyalty,” said Nguyen Hoang Hai, Manager of Business Department, Value Added Service Center, Vinaphone. “With the rising popularity of social networking in Vietnam, this is a key solution for us to grow our revenue stream.”

“People increasingly want to stay connected, communicate and share experiences with their friends on Yahoo Messenger even when they are on the go,” said Yvonne Chang, Managing Director – India & South East Asia, Yahoo. “Gemalto has developed a truly innovative solution that will enable Yahoo to be a part of users’ daily digital routines,” she added.

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