Our solutions

Gemalto's Telecommunications offer is grouped into software, both on the handset and in the operator's network; advanced hardware, including UICCs and SIMs; and services which include consulting services, and operated services for MNOs.

  • Linqus

    LinqUs is the Gemalto offer for software and service deployment. It provides the enabling platform linking MNOs to their subscribers.

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  • UpTeq

    The UpTeq brand is Gemalto's portfolio of advance hardware devices compatible with sophisticated software solutions. UpTeq devices offer a high-level capacity to support advanced functionalities embedded into SIM card technology. Gemalto's UpTeq portfolio provides a range of cutting edge mobile devices: Mobile TV, LTE technology, and NFC. These UpTeq devices combined with our LinqUs software solutions, enables an extensive scope of opportunites for mobile service providers.

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  • Allynis

    Allynis is our service and consulting offer for mobile network operators. Removing the burden and the complexity of bringing new mobile services to the market, operators can now benefit from the Gemalto operated services as a way to reduce time to market and introduce new features, all while limiting the cost of their investment.

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