What mobile TV could mean to you...What Mobile TV can do for you

Offering a Mobile TV service brings portability to an activity usually confined to the home. Watching TV on your mobile phone gives your handset or any device equipped with a TV receiver an added dimension and brings significant benefits to both the operator and the subscriber.

For Mobile Network Operators

Securing the Mobile TV business model

Gemalto's UpTeq Mobile TV offer enables you to

  • Increase the average revenue per user with easy offer positioning and user scenarios
  • Access new service bundling with one-to-many broadcasting capability
  • Earn additional revenue via interactive network services (voting, chatting, purchasing)
  • Offer unique program channels that allow brand differentiation

For End-users

Bringing a unique experience to each user

Mobile TV brings flexibility, independence and a sense of control

  • Access independence and flexibility: anytime anywhere
  • Control, confidence & security: users can watch their favorite program every day at the same time

Mobile TV enables an enhanced personal and intimate viewing experience

  • Personalization: Each mobile device is increasingly adapted to each end user profile, offering a tailor-made user experience
  • Privacy: Watch what you want when you want where you want, without prying eyes.

No more down time

  • Mobile TV fills those blanks in the day - Whether on the bus or in a waiting room, make the most of that downtime to catch up on breaking news, highlights or sporting events