Our Offer

Giving your subscribers the best in Mobile TV

Protect, Organize and Communicate

Gemalto proposes a complete offer for Mobile TV service operators to secure access to TV services broadcasted to end-users over their portable mobile TV terminals.

The solution is based on a range of dedicated SIM and microSD™ products and an array of secure tokens, all certified by recognized external testing labs. We guarantee that our solutions include the highest security features available on the market.

Additional services, such as audience monitoring based on SIM, and OTA card administration complement this offer, bringing our customers the best mobile TV experience.

  • Service protection
    Mobile TV SIM cards incorporate an absolutely unique set of advanced security enhancements that make it the most secure platform on the market. They efficiently protect sensitive data and applications such as CAS or for Audience monitoring.
  • Post-issuance flexibility:
    With the constant market modernization, UpTeq Mobile TV SIM cards allow operators to upgrade embedded applications to improve functionality (and support new business models).
  • Partnerships
    In the context of OSF projects, many CAS providers (including NagraVision, Irdeto, NDS and Viaccess) have already ported their application onto our platform. Therefore, we have developed a range of solutions integrating a number of Mobile TV head end system providers and handsets manufacturers.
  • Technical and business support
    In order to help operators move from trials to mass deployment, UpTeq Mobile TV SIM cards can be widely deployed and then activated individually when the subscriber requests the service.
  • A complete range of cards and applications
    The current Gemalto product portfolio is composed of UpTeq Mobile TV SIM (128KB, 256KB, 350KB) supporting OSF (provided by partners), OMA BCAST SCP, parental control, and a unique Audience Monitoring application including back-end system and microSD™ (0GB, 1GB, 2GB) to address portable TV terminals where the SIM is not present. Our offer also includes SIP (System in Package) and SMD (Surface Mounting Device) components to be embedded directly by device manufacturers.

Our Mobile TV Offer brings

  • Short Time-to-market
    By using the latest generation Operating Systems providing flexibility for card customization, or new silicon technology such as flash to optimize the issuance phase, operators benefit from improved reactivity on the market.
  • Post-issuance software upgrade
    Allows you to increase the card life time by offering software upgrades, even when the card is on the field:
    - To securely upgrade an application without losing data
    - To securely upgrade part of the OS, or to add securely new features, enabling operators to deploy new services fast.
  • One to one marketing
    - The advanced architecture of the Operating System brings additional flexibility. With the implementation of services and applications as plugs, you can offer your end-users a "One to One" content profile by adapting services and applications according to their needs evolution.
    - On the Mobile TV high memory card range, SCWS (Smart Card Web Server) technology is used to enable mobile phone users to view the contents of their SIM card as if they were surfing on the internet.