Unconnected devices

By unconnected or “not always connected” devices we mean any types of devices equipped with a TV broadcast receiver and allowing a 1-way communication, i.e. capable of receiving some information but not sending anything back to a network. Today this category is mainly made up with personal navigation devices, personal media players, pocket TV, game consoles, etc…

These secure elements have only a TV function and meet the need of Broadcast Network Operators who wish to offer paying access to their mobile TV programs.

The various form factors shown here below can be chosen according to any specific device configuration and criteria such as: need for a removable or not secure element, price and impact on bill of material, room available on existing devices, environmental conditions, etc. All are compliant with main broadcast technologies (DVB-H / SH, CMMB, T-DMB, MediaFLO ).


Removable secure elements

Sim card


SIM plug-in
Micro SD Micro SD
micro-SD Conditional Access Module Die Licensing & SD Personalization for Big Card
(micro-SD Conditional Access Module)

Embedded secure elements

SMD - Surface Mounting Device SMD – Surface Mounting Device

Die Licensing & SMD Personalization for SiP integration

Die Licensing & SMD Personalization for SiP integration