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With more than 2 decades of innovation on digital security technologies, Gemalto has developed a complete training portfolio to help you boost business. Thanks to more than 15 years of experience, Gemalto has acquired significant experience in teaching techniques and in understanding needs, preparing and delivering professional training services, helping you to benefit from the latest technologies and best practices for quick and reliable services deployments . All our trainers have solid experience and work closely with our R&D, marketing and delivery teams to ensure best time-to-market and practices when implementing your projects.

Our ​​offers

Featuring a wide range of products and services, Gemalto offers more than​ 50 train​ings on technologies and solutions around digital security and communication including NFC, M2M, LTE, UICC, Mobile Marketing to name a few. Our courses are adapted to all levels. You can either share experience with peers during ope​n se​ssions​ with other companies or have on-site c​ourse. Following specific requirements and audience level, we will tailor our training courses to ensure the best service. Diplomas are systematically delivered to students who complete a training course.


Discover our​ training cat​alog and next courses


Gemalto also offers a range of customer e-Learning courses.  All you need is a broadband internet connection.

Get ready to deploy new successful services

One of the key value of Gemalto training is to boost the deployment of your new services. Hereunder are few examples, but you can find many more trainings on a large panel of services or solutions on our training catalogue or contact us for more details.

Discover & Master mobile NFC Services

Benefit from Gemalto's experience from deploying mobile NFC solutions Worldwide !
Courses will provide understanding of the NFC ecosystem & market, including stakeholders considerations, trends, deployment best practices & lessons learned (“Discovering NFC Ecosystem”). Payment use cases considerations are explored (“Understanding NFC Payment” – Coming Soon); and user experience optimization studied (“Mobile Wallet – Explore Opportunities”). Latest specifications are also decoded (“GlobalPlatform for NFC SIM”), (“TSM for Mobile NFC Service Deployment”).

You can find more information on our training ​schedule, or contact us.

Mastering UICC Cards for LTE Networks

Understand what advanced UICC brings over 3G SIM on 4G LTE networks. Count on Gemalto’s knowledge from numerous LTE and IMS deployments around the globe to be aware of the decisions leading to a successful "SIM" strategy. Here is the off-the-shelf training course that you can find in the public session schedule, but be sure to contact us to find out about our customized trainings, workshops and related consulting services.

Understanding Machine to Machine Ecosystem

Explore the Gemalto M2M World

Fields of M2M applications are constantly growing with profits from related services usually higher than traditional businesses. Thanks to this course, you will understand all main M2M markets with their main characteristics, and master the complete ecosystem (both at business and technical sides) with actual demonstration of advanced solutions such as remote subscription management or platform for M2M applications developments, so-called application enablement platform.
Get ready to master deployments of optimized M2M services.

You can find more information on our training schedule, or contact us.

Customer benefits

Thanks to Gemalto’s unique position and leading expertise on security, telecom , banking, Machine to Machine and transport, you can secure your strategic projects on sensitive technologies and complex ecosystems such as NFC, LTE, ​ M2M or Mobile Marketing.
Your team will be up to date with the latest standards and best practices because we know what works. For you, this means to significantly reduce your project costs and leadtimes, and minimize risks when deploying new services.

What our customers say about our trainings

  • Senior Project Manager at a leading British bank:
    Thanks for the additional information and for the great training course. I think the recurring theme from the attendees was 'why could we not have had this a few months ago'. I certainly found it an excellent overview of the Ecosystem with a well put together training pack, which will be well used over the coming months. It has certainly opened my eyes to training arm of Gemalto and I will seriously consider some of the EMV related training for some of our team going forward.”
  • R&D Manager at a leading mobile operator in Asia
    Extremely professional training. Very pleased with result and feel that we identify our needs and expectations
  • SIM & Device Manager at a leading mobile operator in the US
    Clear, concise information. Well presented and knowledgeable. Very detailed on the way UICC works and interacts
  • Marketing Manager at a mobile operator in UK
    Excellent course with professional trainers who know their subject very well. Targeted for our company covering relevant topics

    Very competent and nice instructor, also very flexible to my information needs… More professional than competitors

Traveling Assistance

We can handle the reservation of your accommodation, free of charge. We select and propose the hotel, which corresponds as closely as possible to your criteria, and that is easily accessible from the Gemalto training center. If you require assistance for hotel, taxi or car rental reservation please fill in the Travel Accommodation Form and mail or fax it to our partner BBA ( or fax: +33 1 49 21 55 99).