Take a look at how the transport sector is taking the lead in micropayments in Taiwan, bringing the market to the next level.

From transport to open loop payments

The store-value EasyCards issued by the EasyCard Corp. have been used as an electronic ticket for public bus transportation, the mass rapid transport (MRT) system and for paying parking fees in the Greater Taipei area since 2002. Ever since then EasyCard has developed and improved its offer to continuously bring the best to the citizens of Taipei -- most notably with the introduction of closed loop micropayments for certain services, such as: hospitals, zoos, libraries, etc. In 2010, EasyCard expanded its scope even further by allowing customers to make micro payment purchases at around 12,000 retailing outlets operated by the leading convenience store chains. Also included in the scope were 20 restaurant chains and supermarkets – all to save the hassle of paper bills and coins. This open loop payment capability was made possible through Mifare contactless technology.

Matched Needs with Provided Benefits

Looking to the future, EasyCard wants to be the leader in the Taiwanese micro payment market, providing mobile contactless payment, loyalty programs, and compete with other big players in the telecommunications and payment industries. Basically by offering everything in one card.

The challenge lies in doing so with a future-proof technology that ultimately can turn EasyCard into a necessity, indispensable in the Taipei citizens’ daily life.

To help EasyCard fulfill its ambitions, Gemalto provided a card that allowed smooth migration from Mifare to a Java platform. A big switch in terms of applicability, but with no change in the way the end-user interacts with the card in a contactless environment. The multi-applicative platform meets speed requirements and, with creative offer bundling, the card represents a sustainable revenue growth and a clear co-branding strategy.

The Project

This co-branded card comes packed with Dual Interface, which allows for payments on transit, EMV capabilities and ATM access with NFC possibilities for the future. With this new generation of cards, transactions can go up significantly, making micro payments more divest.

The Future

Gemalto’s partnership with EasyCard will bring payments to a new level, driven by Easycard’s vision of going beyond from mobile banking, to a mobile life, with the deployment of NFC-TSM deployment.