Trusted Service Management for NFC

Trusted partner for NFC services deployment and secure provisioning of credential management

Used for Transport Transport , Banks Banks  and Mobile Operators  Operators
Proximity payment | Issuance and lifecycle management of NFC services for service providers | NFC Service Engine administration for MNO | Couponing & loyalty programs

Who is Mobile NFC  for?

The Mobile NFC (Near-Field Communication) and TSM (Trusted Service Management) Services offer is designed for Mobile Network Operators, banks, transport operators, and retailers who intend to deploy mobile NFC services.

Benefits for end-users

  • Simple and fast payment by waving a NFC-enhanced phone by a POS terminal for digital and physical goods and services
  • Creation of a virtual NFC wallet where all existing plastic cards and coupon details are stored
  • Collect loyalty points, redeem coupons, and enjoy promotional offers by simply waving a NFC-enhanced phone by a POS terminal.

Benefits for Mobile Network Operators

  • Securely host applications from Service Providers such as banks and transport operators in their SIM base to create new revenue sources
  • Considerable opportunities to roll out mobile marketing campaigns through the mobile phones.

Benefits for Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Easy, secure and convenient way to replace cash
  • Enhance the relationship with their customers
  • Drive the use of mobile services such as mobile banking and money transfers

What’s in Our Offer?

Revolution of the consumer shopping experience

  • Major benefits for consumers in terms of speed and convenience
  • Transformation of the familiar, always-with-me mobile phone into the key to faster transactions and smoother travel

A modular solution and complete service offer

  • Possibility for Mobile Network Operators to deploy new contactless applications from an evolving range of partners with full control of the access and no compromise on security
  • Simplification of the management of the subscriber base, the connection and billing of the partners and the delivery of new services.

Why Gemalto?

High security and quality levels – Gemalto stands as the world leader in Trusted Service Management, with 450 Mobile Network Operators customers and 300 financial institutions customers. Gemalto’s state of the art TSM platform guarantees high availability, scalability and security to our customers.

A trusted solution provider – with our unmatched experience in Telecom and Banking and a prestigious TSM references list, we, at Gemalto, provide the most secure installation and management of NFC applications on mobile phones.

An in-depth knowledge of the telecom and banking sectors – with an unrivalled track record through 50 NFC projects worldwide by 2011, Gemalto is ideally positioned to successfully support service providers in their NFC initiatives.

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