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Automotive & Mobility Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What are Mobility Services?

Mobility services are services that can be delivered to drivers or passengers in motion or at rest. These can include access to transport modes such as cars but also the delivery of content or services like car sharing services, parking space or charging station location for electric cars. Mobility services also includes the combinat​ion of various means of transport to arrive at your destination. These services are driven by the digital life style, connected cars and the sharing economy.

our offer

Gemalto offers off-the-shelf solutions to help players in the automotive market secure digital mobility services including:

Connect Cars 
Enable connectivity for infotainment/telematics services designed specifically for the harsh automotive environment
Secure Data 
Highly secure communication protocols, and tamper-proof protection of certificates
Manage ID 
User authentication and identity documents are key to simplifying mobility service registration and usage
Monetize Services 
Monitor service usage and adapt business models to maximize revenues​​

Use cases


What we do

Gemalto enables digital automotive & mobility services by providing the connectivity and cloud based services which underpin them.

We aggregate and manage user identities in the new mobility ecosystem in a trusted environment.

We provide authentication solutions to enable mobility service providers to deliver personalized and secure services.​

Learn more about our use cases​​​​

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