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The Mobility Revolution

Interview with an Expert:

Christine Caviglioli
Senior Vice President Automotive & Mobility Services at Gemalto.



Which challenges do you see in the automotive space?

Digitalization is just one of a number of megatrends that are  revolutionizing industries and sparking new business models. The automotive sector is certainly being subject to highly disruptive  influences, including enhanced connectivity, electrification,  autonomous driving and diverse mobility.
Perhaps the most fundamental technological challenge is the need to overcome a lack of interoperability between various  solutions. The car has become an open platform that must  integrate numerous different players and markets. To grow  properly, such an infrastructure needs interoperability, as well  as a ‘security-by-design’ approach. 
This is an exciting challenge which implies smart collaboration much more than competition. If we want to make things happen – and turn ideas into reality - let’s sit together and see how we can combine complementary expertise. Mobile operators, financial institutions, device & car makers, service providers, regulators and many more besides…the list of players and partners is getting longer and longer. 
Above all else, to enable new features such as in-car payment and autonomous driving, or enhance safety through biometrics, we need to build a new and trusted ecosystem.

How do you see the future of the car?

We see car makers investing heavily, building new positions, step-by-step, around innovation, disruption and centralization. New markets, such as car-sharing and autonomous shuttles, are literally changing the infrastructure and the environment of a car, even its manufacture process.
Ultimately, the car becomes an extension of your smartphone, your banking card, your personal assistant and a lifesaver in the event of an accident. The metamorphosis from car to digital  experience aggregator is well and truly underway.
From a simple means of transport, the car is transforming  into a high-tech piece you can buy, rent or share; one which is continually connected and communicating with its environment.

Provided security is built into its very DNA, rather than treated as an optional extra, the potential is limitless.   

Who drives this revolution within the market?

Without doubt the user experience is driving change. People want to take back control of their experience. As such, the revolution is also being shaped by new consumer behavior around ownership and usage, with increasing demand for shared mobility and connectivity services.  

What is so important in the user journey?

When considering the user journey - from service booking to usage - identification and user verification are predominant in any on-demand mobility services.

The enrollment to a mobility service is the first, critical step to ensure a secure and reliable registration. A field-proven, robust and flexible enrollment solution is key to successful adoption. Beyond being verified, the user needs to access and pay for the service as conveniently as possible. Bringing payment capabilities directly to the car dashboard helps to increase service usage. And succeeding in this deployment will also unleash a future full of promise in terms of new experiences. 

What is your core expertise in this ecosystem?

Globally our expertise enables car makers to integrate connectivity  within vehicles. As a center of excellence in digital identities  management, our highly secure solutions create, protect and  verify digital IDs not just for people but also things. These  solutions strengthened by strong biometric authentication,  sustain the development of the mobility services. 

Working with Gemalto offers access to a wide range of services based on proven expertise, being a world reference for connectivity, biometrics, digital payment and security; to successfully accompany the automotive industry in its transformation.