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Automotive infotainment

​​Embedded vehicle infotainment systems deliver next generation entertainment and information for connected cars​. Simultaneous services including internet, streaming audio and video, realistic 3D navigation and traffic updates, movies, games, social networking voice calls and mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are all available via voice command, touchscreen or physical controls.

What do we offer​

Gemalto's automotive-grade LTE Modules, optimized SIMs (MIMs) and supporting services enable secure wireless communications providing high-speed, high-bandwidth connectivity in the demanding mobile environment. Easy Over​-The-Air (OTA) updates are made possible through application enablement platforms, allowing the deployment of new automotive apps and features for drivers and passengers alike. On-Demand Connectivity enables flexible wireless subscriptions no matter where your vehicle travels, to ensure always-on connectivity.​

In addition to the connectivity we provide a secure solution to authenticate users with a content server combining embedded secure elements​ and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).