Gemalto demonstration at Cartes 2015

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Identity Protection

On-the go connectivity with SafeNet Bluetooth Smart Mobility Solutions

  • Extend PKI Security for on-the-go mobility
  • Use corporate PKI credentials anywhere and on any device
  • Authenticate, sign or encrypt on multiple devices

  • Software based mobile security for online and mobile banking channels

  • Mobile Banking: reinforce mobile banking security with integrated and transparent two factor authentication
  • eBanking: strongly authenticate to online banking and sign transactions
  • eCommerce: enhance convenience by authenticating users with their mobile bank application
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    Fully Automated Strong Authentication Delivered from the Cloud

  • Secure access to your IT ecosystem with more than 150 out of the box integrations
  • Reduce daily management tasks by up to 60%
  • Frictionless authentication for optimal end user convenience.

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    Crypto management

    Cloud-based Payment 

  • Normal contactless payment where no 'real' card data is used
  • Secure Contactless Payments for Android, Blackberry and likely Windows Phone, standardised by Visa and Mastercard
  • Built and supported in SafeNet Payments HSMs

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    Centralized key management, encryption and security for the protection of sensitive data 

  • Route to Cloud
  • Scalable, Expandable Encryption Ecosystem Support
  • Data Encryption Support via SafeNet Encryption Connectors
  • Crypto Management
  • Virtual or Physical
  • Lower Cost of Ownership​
  • Customer Owned keys
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