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Java Application Download and Management

(Commitments to the European Commission on licensing of patents and disclosure of OTA interoperability information)

Java application download is fully covered by interoperability recommendations within the SIM Alliance. Thus, as for SIM Card Administration, interoperable Java applications can be downloaded by any interoperable OTA platform, without any modification or customization, neither on OTA side nor on SIM side. Thus, to download and manage Java applications, a SIM supplier should provide interoperable SIM Java Applications as defined by the SIM Alliance.



Card interoperability validated with SIM Alliance tools.
Java application interoperability validated with SIM Alliance tools (http://www.simalliance.org/).

Gemalto answer

Gemalto delivers Technical assistance / Consulting to the operation in a daily-fee basis.

Process Overview

A Gemalto OTA Specialist is appointed to coordinate Legal, Technical and Commercial proposal.

If needed, Support is delivered on a daily-fee basis.


To be defined by the 2 parties

Time Commitments

Proposal can be sent in 10 working days.