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Engineering Platforms and Services

Description: Being an engineer in the Platform and Services division, making the digital world secure, trustworthy and enjoyable to use

Every day, billions of people benefit from our software, products, platforms and services. They do this when using the services of their mobile network operators, banks, corporate IT networks, public transportation systems, eGovernment documents and so on.
Gemalto produces software that is embedded into secure elements and systems, as well as the platforms and services that manage them remotely. Working in Platform and Services requires expertise in a wide range of fields including customer processes, solution architecture, software development, internet security, mobile backend, security protocols and standards, high availability, IT virtualization, data flows optimizations, system integration, and data center operations.
Our platforms and services are used in a raft of different domains including telecoms, subscription management, mobile financial services, mobile marketing, personal cloud, and machine-to-machine communications. They are transforming major markets such as automotive, healthcare, energy and finance, providing car personalization and the many services associated with them.
They are used for national ID schemes, eVoting and voter enrolment, border control systems, Identity management in eGovernment initiatives, cross-border digital signature schemes and PKI operations, and are evolving towards multi-modal access and mobility.

Jobs: Consulting; Database Development and Administration; Integration; Operation and Support Engineering; Project Management; Software and Security Architecture; Software Development (J2EE, handset apps); Solution Tuning/Profiling; Technical Solution Analysis; Validation; Technical Lead.

Testimonial: Senior Software Engine​er, Noida, India


​Testimonial: Engineering manager, R&D Division, Noida, India


Testimonial: Integration Technical Leader, Praha, ​Czech Republic


​​Eng​​ineering Embedded Software

Description: Being an engineer in the Embedded Software business group, helping make the digital world secure, trustworthy and enjoyable to use.

Every day, billions of people benefit from our software, products, platforms and services. They do this when using the services of their mobile network operators, banks, corporate IT networks, public transportation systems, eGovernment documents and so on.
Gemalto, a Thales company, produces software that is embedded into secure elements and systems, as well as the platforms and services that manage them remotely. Our high-performance software comprises a secure and reliable operating system composed of a Java card interpreter, cryptographic services and all kinds of low-level drivers. It follows international standards defined by ISO, ETSI, FIPS and Oracle. It is used for many applications including border control, machine-to-machine auditing, NFC payment solutions, transportation transactions and mobile network authentication.

Jobs: Cryptography Engineering; Hardware Engineering; Project Management; Personalization Engineering or Standardization Engineering; Security Architecture; Software Development; Technical Lead


Testimonial: Product Lifecycle Manager, Miunich, Germany


​​Testimonial: R&D, Beijing, China


​​Sales & Marketing, Communication

Description: Sales and Marketing teams work closely with Product teams to promote the use of new technologies and push the boundaries of the digital age. Buzzwords like secure cloud, encryption, biometry, dematerialized transactions, NFC, 4G, and so on are part of their everyday vocabulary when interacting with customers and partners.
Extremely technical content and our on-going push for the widespread adoption of our technologies by non-techies are driving us to employ increasing numbers of engineers and business school graduates for these positions.
Communication service upholds the company’s brand reputation by positioning, describing and promoting the company towards our different stakeholders; targeting our many audiences (institutional, regulatory, financial, clients, suppliers, employees, users, etc.) with coherent, specific, reliable information and messages; and delivering the right mix of communication across a wide range of media while also measuring its effectiveness.

Jobs : Bid Management; Business Development; Customer Insights; Customer Service; Field Marketing; Global Account Management; Internal & Corporate Communications; Marketing Communications; Product Marketing; Sales; Sales Operations; Strategic Marketing; Technical Consulting

Testimonial: Law Enforcement, Defense & Intelligence Marketing Manager​, Oakdale, ​USA


​​Testimonial: Senior Manager Global Customer  Service, IDP, Becamp, MD, ​USA


​​Testimonial: Professional Services Consultant, IDP​,  Belcamp,MD, USA​

​ ​

Operations Manufacturing

Description: Our Manufacturing organization is committed to delivering mass personalized production at the right time, with the right level of quality and complying with the highest security standards. Thanks to a footprint of more than 30 manufacturing plants and personalization centers, this area offers a breadth of manufacturing opportunities in our plant and engineering locations.

Jobs: Data Management; Health, Safety & Environment; Innovation Manufacturing; Process & Equipment Engineering; Program/Project Management; Production/Operation; Products/Processes/Services Development; Maintenance; Quality/WCE, Supply Chain & Logistic; Security (Logical & Physical); Worldwide Deployment and Coordination

Testimonial: Manufacturing Manager, Vantaa, Finland



Support Function

Human Resources:

Description: We ensure that our HR strategy is aligned to support our Strategic Plan. People are one of our three core values. In partnership with our managers, our HR team ensures that we are recruiting, developing and retaining the best talent for growth. We implement a range of tools to ensure growth and satisfaction for both management and employees and we perform as a business partner to increase employees' performance, capabilities and expertise.
Jobs: Compensation and Benefits; HR Administration; HR Business Partner; HR Information System; Recruitment; Training & Development


Description: Finance is an important strategic partner to our business. From financial planning and analysis to budgeting, from accounting to treasury, and from compliance to controlling, finance is a key element in the company’s profitability. The finance team ensures that the company continues to thrive in a fast-paced business environment, and we do this by innovating and working with strict discipline to ensure that our financial objectives are met in line with our business goals.
Jobs: Accounting; Consolidation; Credit Management; Financial Control; Internal Auditing; Tax; Treasury

Information Solutions & Services (ISS):

Description: The ISS department is made up of several teams: Infrastructure and Operations, Support - Front Office, Business Solutions, Business Relations Management and ISS Processes and Performances.
Combining their knowledge of IT technologies and business processes, the ISS teams design and delivers efficient solutions to support our business objectives and provides services in line with SLAs agreed with our customers.
They build and maintain a partner relationship with business groups and support them in bringing innovative IT-related solutions to market.
Jobs:Information Systems – Operational Support; Information Systems – Project Deployment; IT Infrastructure & Operations; ISS Business Solution; IT Business Relationship Management; IT Front Office; IT Project Management; IT Security


Description: This organization has been designed to work with internal customers from all horizons (marketing, manufacturing, communication, finance, IT, etc.) and establish with our suppliers the conditions for our sustained and increased competitiveness. The Purchasing department is responsible for all of Gemalto’s external expenses, and in partnership with many internal stakeholders, optimizes our spending base and implements synergies where possible. The Purchasing department is built on a standard matrix with corporate operational sectors and support groups.
Jobs: Corporate Transport; Facilities; Indirect Purchasing; Manufacturing Support & Regional Purchasing; Quality, Technology & Strategy; Semiconductors & Contactless Purchasing; Supplier Coordination


Description: Our legal organization ensures that our businesses are running with the highest integrity and that they comply with the law. It provides high-quality professional, and cost-effective legal services to optimize growth and profitability. It also offers business-oriented legal assistance and ensures compliance. Gemalto’s legal department also helps protect our intellectual property, which is key to our leadership position in digital security.
Jobs: Intellectual Property; Legal Counsel; Para-legal; Risk Management; Trade Compliance


Testimonial: Assistant General Counsel, Austin, USA



Recruiting process for experienced professionals

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If you are interested in starting a dynamic career with Gemalto, a Thales Company, please search our job database to see whether there is a suitable position available. You can also set a job alert for future opportunities.
We strongly recommend you review our careers webpage and get a feel for who we are, what we do, our culture and our corporate values before you apply. You are also welcomed to follow us via LinkedIn and Facebook.


There are usually three or four rounds of interviews for experienced professionals. Both the recruiting team and the hiring manager will be involved.
The interview process and methodology may differ based on your location, the project for which you are applying and the job type. A technical penetration test will be conducted if you apply for a technical position.


After interviews, the top applicant will receive a job offer. This offer will contain details about the position and other details including responsibilities, reporting line, compensation and benefits.

On boarding

If you accept our offer, our recruiter will stay in touch with you when you start work. They will do their best to answer your questions. We have an on-boarding program that facilitates quick integration to the Group.