Graduates and Students

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Graduates and Students​​​​​

​​ ​Why Gemalto?

At Gemalto, graduates are given interesting responsibilities and job opportunities. We believe in employing new graduates who can grow along with the company. Our various HR programs open opportunities for Gemalto people to move into new business segments, new responsibilities and new locations.

We offer interns challenging assignments as well as opportunities to enhance your existing competencies. You can also learn through a spectrum of activities enabling you to gain hands-on experience.
We recognize young talent and value your contribution.

Internship & Graduates

Careers: Find out more about careers in different business units and functions

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  • Giuliana, São Paulo

    Giuliana is an Environmental Engineering student at Oswaldo Cruz College, in São Paulo, and an intern with the Solutions Sales team in São Paulo.

    “I’m involved in a​​​​ll the bureaucratic processes, updating our control systems, supporting the entire team. I participate in strategy meetings and training for new technologies and products. My main task is to monitor all the projects, dates, documents and strategies we have established.

    “What I appreciate most is how as interns, we are not treated like just another trainee. We are a real part of the Gemalto team and are included in all events that happen in the company.”​​

  • Joshi, Noida

    Joshi is studying for a B. Tech in IT at the Jaypee University of Information Technology, in Solan, India. He is an intern in the Hardware Security Module team for Crypto Management in Gemalto’s Noida R&D center and is working as a developer in the core Payment HSM engineering team.

    ​“It’s very exciting to work at Gemalto because your contribution to a product can change billions of lives. There’s a very friendly atmosphere in the workplace and you don’t feel any hierarchical pressure. It’s great how the people in your team believe in you and don’t hold you back from contributing or pushing new ideas.”

  • Craig, Austin

    Craig is majoring in Marketing and Sales Concentration at Texas State University. He’s an intern in the M2M and IoT department at the Austin office.

    “I was tasked with researching the eHealth and mHealth industries to better understand how Gemalto fits into the ecosystem and how we could gain further entry and market share within this space.

    “I particularly appreciate how Gemalto employees are really open to finding answers to questions. There is also a large diversity of backgrounds all working together, which is a benefit that most companies do not have. Gemalto is a gr​eat place for anyone thinking of going into international business and who enjoys working with a wide range of people.”

  • Eglantine, Meudon

    Eglantine graduated in Computer Science and eBanking from the ENSICAEN school in Caen in 2017. She worked at Gemalto for six months on the PinPlatform PIN delivery project, as part of the eServices R&D team in Meudon.

    “I felt very welcome in the team, everybody was enthusiastic, and I never felt alone. I was more treated as an engineer than a trainee and that was very pleasant. Moreover, the atmosphere at Gemalto is very friendly, even if it is a big company.

    “After my internship, I felt like I had grown much more than during the three whole years I spent at ENSICAEN. I learnt so much and did things I thought I was not capable of. My experience at Gemalto brought me self-confidence too. Gemalto was the internship opportunity I was waiting for.”

  • Andrey, Prague

    Andrey is studying Wireless Communication at the CTU in Prague in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He is an intern in M2M R&D at the Gemalto site in the city.​

    “As an RF Design Engineer, I’m involved in RF module design and performance testing. It’s great to be working in a global company with such responsive and understanding HR and management.​

    “Gemalto offers the chance to work on interesting projects within an international team, where a person can receive a lot of experience and knowledge.”​

  • Jesus, Madrid

    Jesus is studying telecommunications engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He did an internship with the Banking and Payment BU in Madrid as a TC trainee.

    “My job was to support the technical te​am in many different tasks. For instance, I created and modified technical specifications, I took part in meetings, both internal and with customers, and even drove complete small transport projects in Portugal and Israel.

    “One of the aspects that first caught my eye about Gemalto was its size and multiculturalism, something the company is proud of. It’s always interesting to be in contact with different people and to learn how they operate. I also appreciated the encouragement of my manager who helped me grow, both personally and professionally.”

University Events

Gemalto hosts various university events such as campus recruitment sessions, career talks, open days, research and collaboration projects and innovation talks.


  • Students Recruitment Start your career with Gemalto
    Duration: 1 hour

    Every year, Gemalto meets with second- and final-year students to present the company, our mission, our values, culture and working environment.
    You will learn how Gemalto differentiates itself as an employer.
    During this session, you will hear from a panel of management speakers and alumni from your university. Job opportunities will also be presented and students will have an opportunity to submit their resumes.

Open Day

  • Come and meet our people Come and meet our people
    Duration – Half a day
    A half-day interactive event where we bring together faculty and student representatives from three or four different universities. This event is usually held before job fairs.
    It is an excellent platform for universities to gain an insight into Gemalto and its corporate culture, and to get a taste of what it is like to work for the company.
    The Open Day also includes a visit to our offices and/or factory facility. This gives participating universities firsthand experience of the Gemalto working environment. Moreover, it provides an excellent platform for participating universities to interact with each other.


  • Career Talk Finding your first job
    Duration: 1 hour

    Gemalto’s Human Resources managers share their tips on how to improve your job search success rate.
    This session covers the importance of self-awareness, how to enhance your résumé, which job seeking channels to explore, and how to polish your interview skills, as well as interview do’s and don’ts.
    Gemalto is a responsible company. We see this event as an opportunity to do something for the good of society and to help graduates find job opportunities early on.

Research and Collaboration Projects

  • Research and Collaboration Projects 

    Where Innovation Begins
    These events are usually held in sites where our main R&D centers are located. Gemalto provides research funding and works in close partnership with faculty and researchers on selected collaborative projects that have an impact on the digital security domain. In some cases, Gemalto gives awards to institutions devoted to academic research that relates to Gemalto’s core business.


  • Innovation talk Be inspired by our experts
    Duration: 1 hour
    An exceptional opportunity for technical students to learn about cutting-edge digital security technology. These talks are delivered by Gemalto’s renowned technical experts and/or managers. The session includes an interactive Q&A, during which our experts will share their knowledge and experience.

Recruiting process graduates

Job Search | Find your Job

Online application

If you are interested in starting a dynamic career with Gemalto, please complete the online application form.
We strongly recommend you review our careers webpage and get a feel for who we are, what we do, our culture and our corporate values before you apply. You are also welcomed to follow us via LinkedIn and Facebook.


There are usually three or four rounds of interviews for graduates. Both the recruiting team and the hiring manager will be involved.
The interview process and methodology may differ according to your location, the project for which you are applying and the job type. A technical penetration test will be conducted if you apply for a technical position.


After interview, the top applicant will receive a job offer. This offer will contain details about the position and other details including responsibilities, reporting line, compensation and benefits.

On boarding

If you accept the offer, our recruiter will stay in touch with you when you start work. They will do their best to answer your questions and help you fit in at Gemalto. We have an onboarding program that facilitates quick integration to Gemalto.