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​Gemalto is a unique company to join and a great place to work. You’re giving yourself an excellent opportunity to develop a dynamic career in​ a friendly, international environment where we value your contribution, believe in your potential and are committed to your development. We support you by providing a sound learning platform and a clear career path that is underpinned by our policies of promotion from within, mobility, training and development programs. In line with our strategy of putting the needs of customers at the center of everything we do, and our commitment to innovation, we know it is our people who make it happen, and together we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.​​​ 



An investment of €255 million in R&D. 

You too can be part of a business inspired by continuous innovation, innovation that ensures Gemalto maintains its leading position in digital security. Our dedication to fostering such innovation was underpinned in 2017 by an investment of €255 million in R&D. The work of our 3,000 engineers has also enabled us to file for 88 new patents 2017. We are continually developing valuable new ideas and creative approaches to business and the challenges of technology. We provide our employees with a platform that supports and encourages innovation, and an environment in which they can re-invent themselves and expand their creative potential. We value best-in-class innovation management and leadership.

We believe that our technical community is key to our strategy of innovation, so every member is encouraged to innovate. We pride ourselves on having a self-sustaining capability for innovation, using more and more agile methodologies involving internal and external customers in the development process.

The daily search for new ideas starts with our international team of digital scientists in our network of 35 research and software development centers around the world. Their expertise is enhanced by the creativity of all Gemalto employees who are encouraged to submit suggestions through our Business Innovation Garage (BIG) think-tank.

In recognition of its excellence in innovation, Gemalto won the following prestigious awards in 2015.

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85% of employees feel they expanded their knowledge in 2017.

Gemalto's learning offer responds to what people need to accomplish their job today and evolve their careers for tomorrow.

A company is built on the ingenuity of its people, so we place strong emphasis on developing our teams to meet future needs and ensure our ongoing success. We also regard learning as a foundation of our other talent strategies, like promotion from within and mobility.

The digital world is evolving rapidly. One of our most important HR philosophies is therefore to invest in our employees to support their development in this ever-changing environment.

The progress of our employees helps drive Gemalto forward.



Our employees come from 121 countries and form an o​pen and diverse workforce.

We believe our teams should reflect both the global nature of our business and the diversity of our customers, giving us the experience to explore new markets in an unbiased, open and intelligent way.

Our diversity strategy means fair and equal employment and career development practices. It means acceptance, respect and understanding – for both colleagues and customers. It also gives us a global vision, since our employees work in collaboration with talents from diverse backgrounds, whether in terms of age, nationality, education, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion.  It is through fostering diversity that we create a platform where our employees can demonstrate their full potential to exceed our customers' expectations.

In 2017, women represented 31% of newly recruited staff, and 37,5% of Gemalto's professional workforce. We also recruited close to 831 people across 42 cou​​ntries for exempt positions, representing 14% of our entire exempt workforce.

A responsible company

A responsible company

As a global leader in digital security, we want to help create a digital society that is safe and sustainable. Our solutions improve lives, by provisioning ID and privacy management and enabling access to basic financial services for example.

Since 2001, we have been working to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, incorporating eco-friendly solutions into the products and services we develop.

We are also committed to conducting our business in a way that is both commercially viable and ethically sound through a series of strong commitments such as our Code of Ethics and our suppliers' CSR charter.

Our social commitments are further underscored by our community programs, through which we support employee volunteering, charitable giving and relief efforts.

More on sustainability

Responsible purchasing 

Responsible Purchasing

Every year we held an annual Gemalto Sustainable Development Day to help raise employees’awareness of CSR and provide opportunities for action and engagement. Each year we focus on a specific theme, either environmental or social: Recycling, Cultural Diversity, Reducing our Carbon footprint, Responsible Purchasing, etc.

My World 

Your World

"Your World" is Gemalto’s global program encouraging voluntary social initiatives by our employees. We support employees' involvement in local non-profit organizations which focus on environment or humanitarian activities. In the last three years of Your World we have supported more than 200 projects worldwide.
Examples of employee-led initiatives

Promotion from Within

Promotion from Within

At Gemalto, 97% of our top managers have been promoted from within. 


Promotion from within is a fundamental strategy for developing ou​r people to meet our long-term strategies of growth and innovation. It is a philosophy of talent development in Gemalto that shows we believe in our​​ employees' potential. Our commitment and philosophy is based on training and challenging them to unleash their potential. 

Promotion from within isn't just a short-term commitment to fill open positions internally. It's about taking every opportunity to develop and challenge our employees to ensure our core skills and leadership model is sustainable, and carry us forward into the future.



Mobility is a key pillar of Gemalto's HR strategy. It is essential for a glob​​​​al company like ours, with customers and offices on every continent, and which is increasingly addressing international issues. In 2017, 18% of our exempt employees were working in a different country than their home nation.

Inter-business mobility is also important for Gemalto, as our solutions often straddle multiple business areas. For example, our mobile payments solutions require close collaboration between Telecom and Secure Transactions. Employees who move between these areas can provide the dual insight and expertise necessary to deliver successful solutions.

Mobility is good for business and good for employees. It opens up new opportunities and is a way of rewarding potential talent. Gemalto is a place where people can achieve their goals, and the key to that is an open spirit and mobility of mind​.

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