Innovation: our approach

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Innovation is one of Gemalto's three core values. We're constantly innovating to serve our customers with technologies that both enhance digital security and have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Focusing on the user experience, we target solutions that make digital services more secure, trustworthy and convenient to use. Ultimately, our highly personalized services protect digital identities, digital assets and billions of machine interactions in the Internet of Things..

Our Business Innovation Garage

The daily search for new ideas starts with our international team of over 3000 digital scientists based in our worldwide network of 30 Research and Software Development centers. Their expert work is enhanced by the creativity of Gemalto's entire workforce who are encouraged to submit suggestions through our "BIG" (Business Innovation Garage) think-tank.

BIG brings a structured process to funnel, nurture and then retain the best projects as incubation cells - like start-ups going through venture capital selection. Some of these are now starting to contribute to Gemalto's business stream..

Research & Development: applied expertise

Our commitment to innovation is such that in 2016 we invested over €249 million in Research and Development. This involves the application of creativity and expertise in secure operating systems, protocols and SDKs (Software Developer Kits).​

For hardware, innovation focuses on secure silicon integrated circuit (IC) design, card body technologies, secure printing, and embedded security features for eID. In recent years, innovations in services, including managed services and cloud-ba​sed applications, are growing exponentially.

Innovation is also about new business models and innovative new services: as far as creativity is concerned, the sky is the limit. Yet in the end, innovation means developing practical solutions that people want to use, and ensuring they work in the field. With a track record of delivering and servicing "over-the-air" more than 1.6 billion smart secure devices per year, our new ideas are quickly put to the reality test.

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