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OCF, the OpenCard Framework is a standard Java framework for working with Smart Cards.

What is OpenCard ?

OCF, i.e., the "OpenCard Framework", is a standardized, easy-to-use framework for implementing Smartcard-enabled solutions and Smartcard based services.

OCF capitalizes on the broad, cross-platform benefits of Java, providing an open architecture and a set of common APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) geared for this purpose. The OpenCard Framework is Open Source and freely available on the web, it is specified and distributed by an industry consortium: the OpenCard Consortium.

For more details about the basic architecture, concepts, and objectives of the OpenCard Framework, see the official "General Information Web Document" in the OpenCard Links page.

Besides Internet links, Gemplus provides also freely available Open Source components for its Cards and Readers (see their respective CardServices and CardTerminals Download pages), as well as numerous White Papers, Code Samples, User's Guides, etc. in the Technical Documentation page.