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SIM Toolkit

Powering SIM card with value added services thanks to SIM Toolkit technology!

SIM Application Toolkit (SAT) has been the major Value Added Service (VAS) technology over recent years. Through Gemalto's experience in real life implementations; we have a clear vision of the services being deployed, the security considerations, new marketing tactics, design methodologies and the need for partnerships with banks or information providers.

The SAT technology has proven its importance in reducing the churn rate through value added services. Users know to expect more from their mobile phones and SAT is delivering secure, flexible, user-friendly value added services to existing networks and handsets. SAT will continue to be a predominant VAS technology for mobile services over the years to come.

What is SIM Application Toolkit technology ?

The SIM Application Toolkit is a set of commands which define how the card should interact with the outside world and extends communication protocol to the card and the handset. When using the SIM Application Toolkit, the card has a proactive role with the handset (this means that the SIM initiates commands independently of the handset and the network).

In 2G networks, the SIM Application Toolkit (SAT) is defined by the GSM 11.14 standard. After the release of 4G, GSM 11.14 will be replaced by 3GPP 31.111 which also includes the specifications for USIM Application Toolkit (USAT) for 3G networks.

More information on SIM Application Toolkit

Gemalto can provide professional training & e-learning courses. These courses explain in detail the SIM Application Toolkit protocol and commands as well as more information on how to design, test and deploy SAT services. Gemalto Training Courses
Gemalto Training Courses

Gemalto's product range includes a comprehensive selection of SAT software tools that give you the opportunity to Develop, test via Simulation tools, and load SAT applications onto cards for field testing.

The Gemalto Developer Network site allows potential developers to utilize SAT services. It also includes tutorials, evaluation tools, FAQs and a developer forum where you can share experiences with other professionals in the developer community.
Gemalto Developer Network.