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Gemalto’s Technical Advisors

​​Gemalto’s technical community is made up of more than 3,000 digital security experts. Many of these are shaping the different markets in which we act and some of them are world renowned in their field, including our Technical Advisors, listed below:

  • ​Laurent Castillo

    Innovation and technology

    Laurent recently democratized Blockchains within Gemalto and pushed for a unified vision for Digital Identities in the company, while helping defining the strategy on key technology trends like Machine Learning and Secure Enclaves. In the recent past, he contributed to Gemalto solutions portfolio, spearheading the launch in GBU of an Identity Provider offer, as well as helping transform an acquired company, TV Card, for better fit with our payment offer. Even longer in the past, he worked on introducing new technologies in embedded Operating Systems, in particular secure micro kernels, Flash support in cards and USB and SWP communication protocols. With a background in cryptography, electronics and computer sciences, Laurent is well armed to tackle innovative topics for Gemalto.

  • ​Jean-Christophe Fidalgo

    Advanced Manufacturing Processes for New Products

    Jean-Christophe joined Gemalto in 1990 and has built a unique expertise in designing manufacturing solutions for innovative products. He gets involved at the early stages of the product development and has developed innovative process flows for module assembly, contactless devices as well as ePassports. Recently he has worked on the industrialization of payment cards featuring a built-in screen that displays a dynamic security code as well as biometric credit and debit cards with fingerprint sensors.

  • Pierre Girard

    Mobile Services & IoT

    Pierre introduced the Trusted Key Manager concept for LoRa networks in 2015 allowing Gemalto to position itself in non GSM/non SIM networks. It now results into a full Gemalto offer and standardized in the LoRa Alliance. Pierre has a wide expertise in Security (Embedded security and tamper resistance, applied cryptography, cryptographic protocols, risk analysis, network security, operating system security), in Architecture especially system wide security architecture and in development (Secure development for tamper resistance, Java programming (J2SE, J2ME, Java Card), functional programming).

  • Aline Gouget

    Advanced Cryptography

    Aline leads the Advanced Cryptography team providing expertise in security and cryptography across Gemalto. This includes analyzing new attacks and investigating advanced crypto primitives such as software security (white-box cryptography design), block chain technologies (consensus protocols), data protection (threshold encryption) and post-quantum & quantum cryptography. In 2017, Aline was awarded the Irène Joliot-Curie prize for her work in cryptography and its industrial application. 

  • Didier Hugot 

    Enterprise and cybersecurity, identity and data protection

    « Never stop learning, always put your hands on new technologies, keep innovating and focus first on user experience and customer needs ».
    Over the years, Didier has been exploring a lot of different technologies (smartcards, mobiles, servers, cloud solutions) in the context of products, solutions and customer projects with a strong focus on innovation to serve different businesses such as mobile communications, mobile payments and enterprise & cybersecurity. Since 2016 this experience has been key to contribute to the cloud transformation of E&C, introduce highly available solution architecture designs and keep pushing a lot of business and technological innovations in the world of digital identities, access management and data protection. 

  • Ksheerabdhi Krishna

    Software, Technology, Innovation

    Dr. Krishna joined Gemalto in 1996 to work on Java Card technology, creating the most successful smart card platform. As part of the core innovation team, he initiated innovative projects such as the .NET Smart Card, middleware, device–browser connectivity, and identity federation services used across business units, winning multiple SESAMES awards. Heading R&D worldwide for the CTO he led programs and partnerships on trusted execution environments (TEE), formally provable microkernels, machine learning, cloud-native prototyping, and transformed the in-house incubator Business Innovation Garage (BIG) with design thinking, hackathons, and staging metrics. Recently he has led technology evaluation and integration of key acquisitions and is working on commercial biometrics and identity technologies.

  • Joseph Leibenguth

    Production technology, secure printing and advanced materials

    Gemalto produces more than 1.6 billion secure, personal devices every year – some 50 objects every second – and in that context, smart production technology brings immense value for managing quality, cost and throughput: all of which are crucial for the success of Gemalto's customers.

  • Alain Rhelimi

    SiShell, eGate, SWP (Single Wire Protocol), eGo

    Alain has nearly thirty years' experience in electronic design for secure applications in the fields of smart cards, terminals, contactless technologies and, more recently, intra-body communication.

  • Michael Zunke

    Software Monetization

    Michael lead the technology in Software Monetization to new business opportunities. He ran various Engineering departments, software and hardware. Including global setups with teams on 3 continents. He leads architecture for key SM products like Sentinel LDK (former HASP SRM) & Sentinel Cloud and he is part of European Community funded project ASPIRE (FP7), contact and lead for SFNT.​