​​​ EnvironmentWe aim to reduce our environmental impacts and perform in a way that meets our customers' expectations.  

To do that, we focus on three main elements:

  • Applying eco-design principles to our products
  • Supporting resource efficiency and environmental protection with our solutions
  • Reducing the environmental impacts of our activities

Eco-products and solutions

We use life-cycle assessment and carbon footprint tools to analyze the environmental impact of our activities and products and define eco-design principles. As well as offering bio-sourced cards and lower-weight, eco-friendly products, we are reducing the environmental impact of our paper and cardboard consumption.

Preserving natural resources

We're always working to minimize our use of resources. We measure annually Green IT metrics - including electricity consumption, carbon footprint and printed paper. Our objective is to reduce overall waste by 5% in ratio per year and to achieve a 75% valorization rate.   

Our response to climate change

We've developed an ambitious voluntary program to measure our carbon footprint and implement reduction actions worldwide. Having this clear overview is helping us tackle our most significant emissions through actions including: requesting updated information from suppliers of microprocessor chips on the amount of CO2 per product; targeting reductions in professional travel; training R&D and marketing teams to develop lower impact products; and developing local action plans and our corporate energy audit program to identify further energy efficiency opportunities​​​.

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