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March 8, 2018: Gemalto commemorates International Women´s Day – again! 

Every year at Gemalto we commemorate International Women´s Day to reinforce our commitment to gender diversity. It is the perfect occasion to look back and acknowledge the positive achievements that show our progress, but it is also the time to stress on the need to continue our efforts. Among all the activities organized in our sites let's mention four of them. 

  • In Sao Paulo 50 employees attended a presentation by Dra. Ana Paula Simões, an Orthopedist and Traumatologist specialized in sports medicine who worked with the Brazilian female soccer team during the past Olympics. She spoke about the challenges women face when working on a traditionally male field such as sports, triggering an important reflection among participants. 
  • In Beijing activities were aimed at inspiring employees and providing them tools for their professional development. Participants were trained on workplace etiquette; recorded a video and attended a talk where some of them shared stories about who inspired them. 
  • In Meudon the theme for the day was #diversityforinnovation. The activities organized included a working lunch with Aline Gouget from Gemalto, recently awarded for her work in cryptography; a panel discussion on the advantages of diversity in innovation; a photo booth where 130 people had their picture taken with a cardboard telling who inspired them. 
  • In Austin, the objective was to create a space to celebrate women in Gemalto while also discussing ways to proactively be champions for gender progress and empowerment. A lunch was organized where attendees watched a thought provoking Ted Talk, engaged in a wonderful panel discussion with leaders and Gemalto connected women founders. 

International Women´s Day is a great reminder that gender diversity is a business opportunity and by empowering women we can better serve all Gemalto stakeholders!