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The Gemalto Non-Profit Program for Trust in the Digital World

​​​​​​A (R)evolução da Identidade Digital

Our mission

Creating trust in the digital world is at the core of Gemalto's purpose and underpins the mission of Gemalto's non-profit program. In a world where the explosion of digital has multiplied both opportunities and risks , security is key to our daily lives, and Gemalto is seeking to use its skills and expertise to broaden its scope beyond the confines of the company. We want to help build a responsible digital identity, to encourage digital careers and to develop trusted digital services for underprivileged people and help improve lives.

We are on the threshold of a society where business and social are going to be more and more intertwined for the good of all. We want to create social value outside our walls, but also strengthen it within our own economic activity.

Philippe Vallée, Gemalto CEOI'm very proud of Gemalto's commitment to this philanthropic program. It is our way of giving back to society by furthering issues that reflect our core business and affect us all. Through this framework, we can help others in our fields of expertise and go beyond our business to ensure trust in the digital world.Philippe Vallée, Chief Executive Officer

Trust in the digital world​

Trust is a rich notion. It is about confidence and dependability, truth and reliance, and is based upon privacy, security, and compliance. It is not driven by technology alone – it's also about our behavior. And it is absolutely essential in a connected society where lives can be improved through the adoption of new technologies. The Gemalto non-profit program seeks to bring greater trust to a world in which this quality is sometimes in short supply.

The Gemalto non-profit program is committed to two areas for spreading trust in the digital world: education and research.

​ ​Recherche


Gemalto's non-profit program aims to develop the educated workforce behind tomorrow's digital solutions by funding education programs, providing grants and tutoring, and participating in conferences to encourage young people in developing countries, disadvantaged students, and particularly women to study information communication technologies (ICT) and sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. And thus become future digital solutions experts.

We are also helping nurture the next generation of digital citizens by sharing best practices with regard to the appropriate and responsible use of technology. We want to raise awareness of the risks involved to foster a safe and ethical digital world. We are achieving this by funding programs run by NGOs. 


By funding academic research programs and getting involved in conferences to share our knowledge and expertise, we are helping shape an ethical digital world together with academia, governments and industry. We are supporting research into the sociological aspects of establishing a responsible digital identity.

We are also developing prototypes and supporting projects run by NGOs to provide trusted digital services to help underprivileged people. ​

Involving our employees

We are encouraging Gemalto employees around the world to participate in these programs. As we roll out the project, Gemalto people are already getting involved with tutoring, mentoring, and talking about their career paths. We welcome help from employees with communication, coordination and project management. 


This program includes ongoing and new partnerships between Gemalto and various NGOs and universities, in the countries where Gemalto is based.

Our partnerships include:

Education: Funding scholarships, tutoring students, participating in conferences, financing education programs and training, and developing communication tools.

Research: Supporting research topics, funding chairs, participating in conferences, and developing prototypes. 

Our partnerships

Our partnerships in 2018 

Article 1 (France), Center for ID-University of Texas (USA), Elles Bougent (France), Laboratoria NGO (Mexico),  Netaji Subhas Institute for Technology (India),  Passerelles Numériques (Philippines), Telecom ParisTech (France)   Tsing Hua University (China).

Elles bougent 
Laboratoria NGO (Mexico) 
Laboratoria NGO (Mexico) 
Passerelles Numériques (Philippines) 
Sealys Edge Sealer 
Passerelles Numériques (Philippines) 
​ ​​ ​​

Some of our projects 

Partnership signature: Gemalto and Telecom ParisTech Engineering School​​​​​(Picture: partnership signature with (from left to right) Véronique Deborde, Fondation Mines-Télécom Director, Philippe Vallée, Gemalto Chief Executive Officer, Yves Poilane Télécom ParisTech Director)

Supporting a Responsible Digital Identity 

In January 2019, Gemalto and Telecom ParisTech Engineering School launched a research chair in Responsible Digital Identity. 

Identity is a key issue in the digital world and it is also an important area of our expertise. By supporting a research chair focused on the human and sociological aspects of digital identity, we are keen to contribute to a more general and future-oriented analysis that goes beyond purely technological issues. 

The first area of research is devoted to the factors that create trust in a digital identity. Investigations will focus on the social representations and individual practices of digital identity. They will also cover all issues related to managing, protecting and securing the multiplicity of identities used in the digital world. The aim is to identify a framework for the responsible design of digital practices and devices which, in turn, promote responsible use. 

Elles Bougent in France​​​​​

Encouraging girls to study ICT disciplines (France)

Elles Bougent is a French organization that encourages young women to take up scientific or technological careers through awareness sessions, conferences, recruitment forums, and mentoring.

This will be the sixth year Gemalto has sponsored the Elles Bougent project. Our employees tutor students; our women engineers speak at conferences where they present their educational backgrounds, jobs and career paths; and we organize a range of other events such as company visits.

Passerelles Numeriques in the Pilippines 

Sponsoring ICT students in the Philippines

Passerelles numériques is an NGO offering IT training and personal development. In the Philippines, it runs an IT school for disadvantaged young people, half of them girls. There is 24% youth unemployment in the Philippines and 30% of the population lives on less than $3 a day. Passerelles numériques is making dreams come true for young people desperate to learn but unable to pay.

In 2018, Gemalto signed a partnership with Passerelles numériques in order to fund full two and a half years scholarships for several students.​

Center for ID ​​​​​

Supporting research on identity (USA)

Gemalto works with the Center for ID at the University of Texas (Austin) which focuses on education, prevention, and research in identity management, privacy and security. The Center's programs are delivering new and innovative advances to anticipate and mitigate current and future identity threats that impact personal security, commerce, government services, and national security.

As a strategic partner, together with other corporations, state government agencies, federal government agencies, and law enforcement, Gemalto brings insight and guidance regarding current and future identity challenges.