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Document Authentication


Gemalto offers advanced services to authenticate identity documents and perform a security risk analysis of each document.​

Travel and identity document verification is an integral part of sensitive processes like enrollment and registration, as well as in situations where certified identity is crucial – such as at borders stations or during bank transactions. Reliable verification is essential in combating identity fraud and related criminal activities.

In order to protect our borders and our citizens, Gemalto offers document verification solutions that lead the market in applicant processing, workflow efficiency and document identification.

Document Verification is a distributed software system that automatically verifies the electronic and physical security features of identity documents. Passports, visas, ID cards, driver's licenses and many other identity documents can be checked against templates that stored in a database, administered centrally and automatically synchronized into all our local repositories.

More than just software, Document Verification is a fully customizable editing platform that enables our customers to pilot each and every verification action on any identity document.
Information security is built-in to all levels of our solution, ensuring protection and privacy of all sensitive information during data acquisition, handling, communication, storage, and deletion, delivering secure and easy use for both operators and administrators.

For more information, please read our document verific​​​at​ion white paper​.​