• Posted on Feb 06, 2018

    An interview with an officer, and a gentleman: Captain Karl Germain, WY Highway Patrol

    WY Highway Patrol considers the real-world benefits of DDL

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  • Posted on Dec 14, 2017

    4 ways DDL attracts a dedicated audience of binge-viewers

    4 ways DDL resembles the new TV broadcast model where services like Netflix ushered in the new paradigms of dual-browsing and binge-watching.

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  • Posted on Nov 16, 2017

    Digital Driver’s Licenses Take Flight in Wyoming

    How did mobile licensing fare when tested in highway patrol and airport ID verifications in Wyoming?

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  • Posted on Oct 17, 2017

    What can DDL learn from mobile payment adoption?

    What can the last three years of mobile payment adoption teach us about the future of DDLs?

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  • Posted on Sep 29, 2017

    DDL Pilot Goes Live in Maryland and Washington DC

    Smartphone-based ID is tested for age & ID verification in Maryland and DC at shops, casinos, stadiums and police stops

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  • Posted on Sep 05, 2017

    Future Uses for DDL – The Sky’s the Limit

    The possible applications of DDL are limitless: We’ve imagined how DDL transforms wallets, business transactions, and eTicketing.

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  • Posted on Jul 25, 2017

    Colorado is the first state to launch Digital Driver’s License live pilot

    Colorado is the first state to start its live DDL Pilot and it was a big success

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  • Posted on Jun 14, 2017

    The FAQs of a DDL – Chapter 4: Fraud, Counterfeits & Stolen Data

    What are the security implications of carrying an ID on your phone instead of on a plastic card in your wallet?

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  • Posted on May 23, 2017

    Teslin, Polycarbonate and PET/PVC Composite: A Guide to Secure Driver’s License & ID Substrates

    The REAL ID Act has prompted authorities to review the materials used in their documents. We compare the options.

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  • Posted on Apr 07, 2017

    Why plastic is quickly becoming a criminal’s worst enemy

    We explore how polymers and polycarbonates make money and ID documents more secure.

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