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Contactless cards speed up checkout while keeping you safe. You can forget about hovering over the terminal, waiting for the cue to remove your card. Contactless cards have all the security of EMV with none of the friction. Just tap, and go!

The card you’re used to

Fast and easy

Top-notch EMV security

Works perfectly when you travel

A smoother checkout experience

Our new EMV chip cards are much more secure than the old cards we used to swipe. But let’s be honest: inserting the card into the reader and waiting several seconds for the transaction to complete is not a great checkout experience.

Contactless cards harness all the security of EMV with a super-fast checkout experience. Tap your card on the reader and you’re done!

What is a contactless card?

Contactless cards are secure EMV cards that let you pay by tapping or waving your card over the payment terminal, with no signature required below $50. It basically means you can pay and leave much faster, without any compromise on transaction security.

A contactless EMV card has a specialized chip and a small antenna, which securely transmits data from the card to the terminal when you tap it or wave it over the reader.

Using the same technology that underlies mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, contactless is available on plastic credit and debit cards, with no high-tech prerequisites. Anyone can tap and pay.

How to tell a card is contactless

You can tell a card is contactless by the contactless symbol printed on the front or back of the card. Similar to wifi, the symbol looks like four waves radiating to the right.

Your number one contactless partner in the US

World leader in digital security, Gemalto is an experienced and trusted partner for over 3,000 financial institutions and have issued over 2 billion payment cards. Our experts will help you set up exactly the card and issuance program you need.

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