Issuer Increased revenue with more transactions

Contactless payment significantly speeds up checkout and increases customer satisfaction. All new EMV POS-terminals have contactless capabilities and can support both contactless cards and mobile wallets.

Incremental revenue

Top-of-wallet status

Reduced fraud

Security and convenience

For many issuers the first step in their migration to EMV was issuing contact EMV cards – cards with a chip that are inserted into a chip card reader on the payment terminal. EMV has helped issuers and merchants drastically reduce counterfeit cards and face-to-face transaction fraud.

Unfortunately, the side-effect of longer wait times for each transaction frustrate and confuse cardholders, and have served to slow down checkout.

With contactless EMV cards issuers can give cardholders both the security of EMV and the convenience of superfast transactions.

Increase revenue and customer retention

Insight from contactless EMV deployments worldwide shows that consumers spend more with contactless cards. Along with generating higher total spend, contactless generates a significant rise in the number of card transactions.​

As a contactless early mover, you can also strengthen your competitive differentiation and gain top-of-wallet status. In the US market, where consumers choose which card to use based on rewards like points or miles, a great idea is to convert the everyday rewards portfolios to contactless. That way, you can offer cardholders maximum rewards and maximum convenience – a great recipe for customer retention.

The natural next step for EMV

The new EMV payment terminals deployed in the US are contactless-ready, meaning that they can accept all EMV transactions – whether the card is dipped, tapped or stored in an NFC mobile wallet.

Unlike wearables and smartphones, contactless cards have the advantage of being easy to use for all generations of cardholders. There’s no learning curve and no tech prerequisites. And by getting consumers to tap-and-go with cards, you’re helping to pave the way for payments on other connected devices.

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