Merchant Happier customers and improved throughput

Contactless payment significantly speeds up checkout and increases customer satisfaction. All new EMV POS-terminals have contactless capabilities and can support both contactless cards and mobile wallets.

Time savings at the POS

Shorter checkout lines

Increased customer loyalty

Increased revenue from larger spend

ROI worth the change

The transition from magstripe cards to new EMV infrastructure has not always been the smoothest for US merchants. However, once implemented merchants benefit from the higher security and reduced rate of in-store credit card fraud attributed to EMV cards. Now is the time to further boost your ROI, by going contactless.

Shorter lines and happier customers

A contactless transaction can be twice as fast as a traditional credit card transaction and over 60% faster than using cash. Total customer time at the POS is reduced by 30-40%, reports say. Reduced waiting times speeds up lines, meaning increased throughput and efficiency.

But the most important advantage that contactless can deliver for US merchants is the improved customer relationships. Faster transactions and reduced lines make customers less frustrated with their checkout experience – increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Fast-track certification

Supporting contactless is just a small step away. Most EMV compatible POS systems and all new payment terminals are capable of accepting contactless cards. The functionality simply needs to be switched on and certified.

Your number one contactless partner in the US

World leader in digital security, Gemalto is an experienced and trusted partner for over 3,000 financial institutions and have issued over 2 billion payment cards. Our experts will help you set up exactly the card and issuance program you need.

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